Category A03. Durable Consumer Goods including Automotive
Entrant PHD Barcelona, SPAIN
Idea Creation OGILVY SPAIN Barcelona, SPAIN
Media Placement PHD Barcelona, SPAIN
Production OGILVY SPAIN Barcelona, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Gemma Gutiérrez Ogilvy Barcelona Managing Director
Gabriel García de Oro Ogilvy Barcelona Executive Creative Director
Lucía de los Santos Ogilvy Barcelona Creative Director
Alberto Muriel Ogilvy Barcelona Copywriter
Oliver Cano Ogilvy Barcelona Copywriter
Lucía de los Santos Ogilvy Barcelona Art Director
Fani Cabrera Ogilvy Barcelona Art Director
Marta Torras Ogilvy Barcelona Account Manager
Maria Solsona Ogilvy Barcelona Account Manager
Marc Casanovas Ogilvy Barcelona Communications Manager
Eva Cervera Ogilvy Barcelona Communications Manager
Christian Martinez Ogilvy Barcelona Communications Manager
Irina Serrano PHD Media Spain Media Manager
Carla Juárez PHD Media Spain Brand Lead


"Resistiré" campaign run in an unusual situation. The whole world was facing a period of lockdown which every company had to adapt to this new pandemic environment. For our client, the marketing challenge was to work on an emotive ad with a message where people feel identified and supported by LCV, searching a commitment with society being the brand which drove people to mental freedom. As brand insight, it was time to maintain brand presence by strengthening the feeling of California love brand and to take advantage of this communication for the new Grand California van. The business objectives during the lockdown in Spain (13th March – 31st May) were to keep its strong brand image, the web traffic (recover -80% of KPI’s web) and sustain prospecting in LCV database. Regarding communication goals we broadcast the LCV’s supporting message and set the goal of 25% reach in a broad audience

Describe the strategy

We realized that the advertising market was changing due to the lockdown situation, so analyzing all data we understood that we had to make the leap. The Online media grew remarkably (+60%) in comparison to offline like OOH that suffered catastrophic declines. We deepened in online media consumption which allowed us to see that VOD, Social and SEM were largely benefitted platforms. Its consumption was increasing during pandemic progress. We knew that we had to change the usual focus of our campaigns, so strategically we had to propose LCV new online ways: - Work with inspiring message that would allow us to be remembered and offer a message of hope for a better and free future. - To cover entertainment channel platforms taking advantage of their increased consumption. - To reach broad audience instead of its target (H 25-45 ABC) due to the awareness situation message they wanted to broadcast.

Describe the execution

We worked on a totally different online plan which had all the elements to accomplish our communication objectives that would help LCV business issues. Our plan was based as a combination of different digital media channels, all of them selected for the strong growth they were facing: - Direct buying, with partners that guaranteed us a minimum reach and diffusion of the video like VOD channels (video on demand) with high penetration in Spain (Mediaset, Atresmedia) and digital music platforms (Spotify). - Social media was another mainstay to work for an incremental reach and incite the participation contests. - SEM to get back all those searches generated by the campaign.

List the results

In client's words: it was a successful campaign. We had to finished it 6 days before the ending date, campaign just run for 15 days. We achieved our reach objective (25%), +82% of web traffic vs last month and a large volume of total registrations (49.380 while the cars available were 100.000) getting a 37% saving of a very tight budget campaign. More details: - Video on demand provided us 68% completion rate (vs 40% benchmark). - Spotify’s sponsored sessions gave us 95% VCR. Furthermore, VOD’s CTR were 3,43% (vs 2%) and Spotify’s CTR were 1,37% (vs 0,84%). The benchmark is total automotive sector - Social networking provided us 21.219 contest participations. - This campaign achieved outstanding Brand safety (99.75% vs 96.7% market benchmark). Brand’s reputation was safe from inappropriate digital content. - Database increased by 50.000 contacts. It served to impact them in the following campaigns after lockdown period