Category A03. Durable Consumer Goods including Automotive
Entrant PHD Barcelona, SPAIN
Media Placement PHD Barcelona, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Gisela Castellvell DDB ES Barcelona Creative Director
Gladys González PHD Media Spain Brand Manager
Carla Juárez PHD Media Spain Brand Lead


In March 2020, the Spanish state proclaims the state of alarm due to the COVID 19 pandemic. As a result, all citizens were confined in their homes. In this situation, we build a media strategy to present Volkswagen as a reactive, and adaptative brand. With a limited budget, the campaign achieved the expected results. Volkswagen is forced to change their brand strategy to help, entertain and reflect on what was happening, while still working to be on the consumer’s top of mind. The objective was to maintain brand presence in a moment where the automotive industry was paralyzed. We set a high aim in terms of reach, taking advantage of an increase consumption of online media.

Describe the strategy

Advertising market was changing due to the lockdown situation, so analyzing all data we understand that we should make the leap. The Online advertising media grew remarkably (+60%) in comparison to offline like OOH that had suffered catastrophic declines. To remain in the consumer’s top of mind, and have a strong brand presence, VW launched a very emotional message. Sending a support to the Spanish population with the #TogetherInThisJourneyToo. Volkswagen brand introduce a new mobility service lending a car to the health staff that had to move into the town without no option. We also used some brand ambassadors that are working from the brand since so many years to share our message. In terms of media trends in these moment TV on demand and social networks were the main digital media platforms with incremental reach. We used video format and maximized awareness through social networks and connected TV

Describe the execution

On social network, we highlight Youtube with their True View format. Thanks to Premium inventory available through Google Preferred, our mix of audiences and a powerful creativity we could link VW to Top Content sites in Spain, achieving great results in terms of reach and video views. This format included a Brand Lift Study, which allowed us to measure Brand Recall. On Programmatic, we identified a moment when the use of video on demand was increasing and, with a reduce budget, could buy Connected TV with a specific segmentation. This allowed us to impact users who are not always accessible to the brand.

List the results

True View de Youtube presented more than 3.4 million views, impacting more than 11.5 million users. 51% of the users watched the full 30” video, 155% over the brand’s average. It also presented a 3.6€ CPM, the lowest historically negotiated for the brand. The Brand Lift Study shows a Brand Recall of 36.3% Connected TV highlight is Incremental Reach. Likewise, we saw these formats showing the highest Video Completion Rate of the campaign (30pp over the campaign average). By watching the video completely, the audience proved a strong engagement.340