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Category I02. Challenger Brand
Idea Creation HASAN & PARTNERS Helsinki, FINLAND
Media Placement HASAN & PARTNERS Helsinki, FINLAND
Production HASAN & PARTNERS Helsinki, FINLAND
Post Production HASAN & PARTNERS Helsinki, FINLAND
Name Company Position
olessia kozlova hasan & partners oy startegic planner
Tobias Wacker hasan & partners oy ECD
Marc Stevenson hasan & partners oy Executive Producer
Henna Siitonen hasan & partners oy Visual artist
Pekka Haimi hasan & partners oy data planner
Marika Rönkkö hasan & partners oy Project Manager
Saara Torri hasan & partners oy Communications Manager


While working on Neste’s consumer app, we investigated different insights and starting points for differentiation, one of them being the thought of more conscious driving habits. The insight we found: navigation systems provide the shortest or fastest route as default option – but not the most co2-friendly one. Thus often providing us the wrong option for the environment. Just by choosing the right route, drivers can save tons of co2 emissions. 1. First objective was to raise this significant insight globally and utilise it to drive a behavior change. We targeted people through global and local media – the first step to behavioral change is to bring attention to the subject and make people aware of. 2. The second objective was to position Neste as a modern company reflecting their long-term strategic transition from oil refinery to a global leader in renewable and circular solutions.

Describe the strategy

The strategy was to first prove with the help of data and digital tools that the most navigation systems don’t provide the most co2 friendly route. We created strategic partnerships with HERE Technologies, PTV Group and VTT, the Technical Research Center of Finland. Together we conducted an experiment that was published openly to drive behavior change. The data was gathered through OBD-readers in real time on the streets of Helsinki. Machine learning was used to further scale and simulate the effect of co2-emissions. We made our findings and research open for everyone to see on the website. We targeted the automotive industry, Neste core markets and national media.

Describe the execution

We created a strategic partnership with other partners in order to turn the data insights into a concrete initiative – this took us one year. We gathered over 50 000 data points from the streets of Helsinki through OBD-readers installed in drivers cars. The data was analysed by VTT via multiparameter analysis. HERE Technologies and PTV Group used machine learning to further scale the data and simulate the effect on traffic emissions. We opened these findings to everyone to see on a website. The experiment was conducted in Finland but was scaled to other cities such as SF and Stockholm. We launched our findings through a press release and made the research open through a website – this became global news immediately.

List the results

Our findings: in 30 % of the cases, sat nav systems don’t provide the most co2-friendly route, 81 000 tons of emissions can be saved in the Helsinki region annually which equals emissions of 20 000 inhabitants. When scaling these results it would mean savings of 100000 tons of co2 emissions in San Francisco and 54000 tons in Stockholm. Our findings became news: With over 90 media hits and the reach of 138 million, and the 38 million unique visitors, we managed to sparked global discussion, especially in Neste’s core markets. People started to rethink their driving habits and shared their thoughts in social media. Neste doubled their amount of app downloads and refreshed the image of a traditional oil refinery towards modern - a global leader in renewable and circular solutions.

Please tell us about how the work challenged / was different from the brands competitors

Neste’s competitors are oil refineries mainly concentrating on selling gasoline and doing just marketing campaigns that talk about the future without any concrete actions. Instead of just talking about sustainability and the future, our work showed that there is a concrete solution drivers can apply already now: by just choosing a right route can save tons of millions of co2 emissions. The most co2-friendly route is done with partners, creating a strategic partnership to combat climate change. Neste is challenging its own business by providing a solution that decreases their sales of fuels – at the same time staying true to their purpose: creating a healthier planet for our children.