Short List
Category D02. Innovative Use of Technology
Idea Creation DEMODERN Hamburg, GERMANY
Production DEMODERN Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Antje Dittrich fischerAppelt, advisors Strategic Consultant
Alexander El-Meligi Demodern GmbH Managing Partner & Creative Director
Florian Gläser Demodern GmbH Creative Director
Hannah Johnson Demodern Director Interactive Storytelling
Gion Tummers Demodern User Experience Director
Tara Weston Demodern GmbH User Experience Designer
Michael Schmück Demodern GmbH User Experience Designer
Michael Schmück Demodern GmbH User Experience Designer
Fynn Hopp Demodern GmbH Designer
Robin Janitz Demodern GmbH Designer
Jonas Mai Demodern GmbH Designer
Daniel Harrison Demodern GmbH 3D Artist
Bastian Hantsch Demodern GmbH 3D Artist
Mirko Wiedmer Demodern GmbH 3D Artist
Pia Heugel Demodern GmbH 3D Artist
Tobias Soffner Demodern GmbH Executive Producer
Sandra Tölle Demodern GmbH Digital Producer
Julia Wübbe Demodern GmbH Digital Producer

Describe the creative idea

The most interesting, fascinating, and exciting areas of the harbour are not open to the public. And that makes them even more fascinating. Using innovative technologies our goal was to teleport visitors from all over the world, to those areas of the port they wouldn’t normally have access to. To be entertained, to learn, and to deep dive into the hidden harbour world. The Discovery Dock interactive museum opened to the public at the heart of Hamburg’s Hafencity – right next to the Elbphilharmonie. A benchmark not just as a forward-thinking business model for a publishing house, but a unique live experience.

Describe the execution

Over a period of a year, the exhibition was developed from scratch. Including the entire room design, the branding and CI, the contents, stories and the individual experiences. The location: directly next to the Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg’s most iconic place. The experience was 50 minutes long. So the whole thing had to be tightly choreographed like a play than a museum. We imagined the space like an interactive non-fiction book. First, you have an editorial, to pick people up and transition them into the topics. That was the “transition room”. Then you have the main part, where you can “free explore” as you like. Those were our 7 main installations. And finally, a conclusion - a closing finale played on the centre table. That's eight different interactive experiences across two rooms. For more information on the individual experiences please see the submitted case boards and case film.