Short List
Category B03. Experience Design: Multi-platform
Idea Creation VIRTUE Copenhagen, DENMARK
Idea Creation 2 NO SLEEP Copenhagen, DENMARK
Production BACON X Copenhagen, DENMARK
Post Production THIRTYSOUNDSGOOD Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Morten Grubak VIRTUE Executive Creative Director
Martin Nørgaard Furze No Sleep Executive Creative Director
Emil Asmussen VIRTUE Creative Director
Jacob Ziegler VIRTUE Senior Designer
Tao Thomsen VIRTUE Senior Copywriter
Camilla Ploug No Sleep Senior Art Director
Max Siegal VIRTUE Editor
Ogi Curcic Ogi Curcic Editor
Emil Fogh VIRTUE DOP Lighting Cameraman
Francois Andrivet VIRTUE 3D Animator
Maria Cristina Sega VIRTUE 3D Animator
Tom Costello VIRTUE DOP
Heidi Baltzer VIRTUE Head of Production
Bruno Carvalho VIRTUE Agency Producer
Bruno Carvalho VIRTUE Agency Producer
Mark Terkelsbøl VIRTUE Intern
Nis Nørgaard Thirtysoundsgood Sound Designer
Søren Gorm Gamborg Knudsen Bacon X Conform Artist
Lasse Selvli Bacon X Colorist
Rune Søndergaard Bacon X Producer
Eliana Carranza-Pitcher Bacon X Executive Producer
William Løkken VIRTUE Colorist

Describe the creative idea

TEAR DOWN THE BERLIN WALL IN MINECRAFT EARTH 30 years after the Mauerfall, the Berlin DDR Museum let a new generation tear down the wall —now in augmented reality. We built three iconic segments of the Wall in Minecraft Earth, the AR sequel to the popular game. Here, gamers were able to witness the wall in its full scale in Augmented Reality. And to gamify the installation, they could even take part in tearing down the oppressive wall on their favorite platform. MERGING EDUCATION WITH ENTERTAINMENT We partnered with the DDR Museum to create an exhibition space and developed a comprehensive package of teaching materials in concert with interactive learning specialists. This allowed teachers to not just drum up interest for the historical subject, but expand it into a fully immersive micro-course on the increase of border walls in our time

Describe the execution

BUILT BY GAMERS, FOR GAMERS To make the experience immediately accessible inside the game environment, we had to build on the exact same premises as every teenager in Minecraft Earth: By mining the materials inside the game, and then building the wall block by block. And because we needed the wall to be historically and architecturally correct, we had to put in 300+ hours of game time to gather the exact materials needed for a credible reconstruction. This also gave the team the familiarity with the ins and outs of Minecraft Culture to make the experience resonate with how and why gamers play. Only then did we rebuild the wall inside the game, block by block, from historical reference images. To amplify the work, we crafted two additional elements to the same painstaking level of detail: A CUSTOM INSTALLATION IN BERLIN’S DDR MUSEUM Voted as one of the most interactive museums in Europe and drawing solid crowds year after year, Berlin’s DDR museum was perfectly poised to bring their historical expertise into the age of augmented reality. A FULLY FLEDGED TEACHING COURSE Developed in collaboration with immersive learning expert NAME, this five-module teaching material provided a full curriculum, group exercises, and discussion guidelines to drive critical reflection and historical empathy in students from grade 6-9.