Category A02. Creative Effectiveness for Good
Entrant IMAGO Zagreb, CROATIA
Idea Creation IMAGO Zagreb, CROATIA
Name Company Position
Igor Mladinović Imago Ogilvy Chief Creative Director
Darko Bosnar Imago Ogilvy Creative Director
Hiam Hamed Imago Ogilvy Account Director
BooBoo Tannenbaum Freelancer Illustrator


Croatia suffered numerous devastating fires — just in 2017, there were over 6,000 fires that burned down 100,767 hectares of forest. The Scout Association of Croatia decided to help revitalise the area by organising a volunteer reforestation action. When fires happen, everyone joins in to save the forest, but after the fires are extinguished, burned forests remain forgotten. The question arises: how to, in the era of likes and shares, motivate the general public to actively participate in an afforestation campaign? The answer is: create a tangible tool that would inspire people and enable them to engage in the reforestation of damaged areas. We believed that classic advertising resources wouldn't make a powerful enough impact on the wider community, so we designed a unique promotional tool — Boralica ash crayon — a crayon made from burnt forest ash, and distributed more than 115.000 of these crayons via the largest national newspaper. In other words, we literally put the burnt forest in people’s hands, making it impossible for them to ignore the problem, and allowing them to use these crayons to paint back the forests green. We invited the people use the Boralica ash crayon to draw their tree and plant it in virtual forest on, with an optional donation, which will be turned into a real one by campaign’s volunteers. All defined goals were exceeded multiple times: donations in money, materials and earned PR totalled 520.000€, 31 partner companies/institutions joined, 5.000+ volunteers planted 60.000+ trees, making it the BIGGEST VOLUNTEER AFFORESTATION CAMPAIGN EVER held in Croatia. This campaign truly achieved a positive change in society. Today, it is easy to get support from a large number of people via social networks, but we managed to get citizens and organisations to really join in, draw and upload their tree drawings to the website, give donations and even volunteer their time to plant a real tree. A remarkable reach was achieved through free PR across numerous educational and informative TV shows and websites. Thousands of children were educated on forest preservation and planted their first tree, and educational institutions are planning to include the campaign in the curriculum. Institutions and authorities showed great interest, with the promise of long-term support.