Category A02. Script
Idea Creation DARWIN BBDO Machelen, BELGIUM
Production RED DUST Antwerp, BELGIUM
Post Production RED DUST Antwerp, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Klaartje Galle darwin BBDO Creative Director
Barbara De Laet darwin BBDO Strategic Director
Mathijs Bettens darwin BBDO Creation, Art Director
Margot Van Hove darwin BBDO Junior Art Director
Gaston Kooymans darwin BBDO Copywriter
Harry Baker Independent Copywriter
Eva Maes darwin BBDO Account Director
Marianne Janssens darwin BBDO Account Manager
Kendy Smits darwin BBDO Digital Strategy
Anna Van Heukelom darwin BBDO Agency Producer
Wilson Versteken Red Dust Director
Sander Claessens Red Dust Producer
Tom Brillouet Studio Helsinki Sound Studio

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

We made a long version film that tells a story about diversity, about how beautiful the world would be if we all show respect for each other. We see all kinds of people. It is written in slam poetry to express both the emotionality and the power of this message. From this long version we made some short versions about different diversity topics for social posts. There we don't use a VO but the copy appears in super on the moving image.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Today, in Belgium, we see a shift to the right. Intolerance towards people with a migrant background or people who are 'different' is on the rise. KU Leuven, our client, is the oldest Catholic university in the world. It has the perception of being elitist and rather right-wing. Not directly the image you associate with a university that stands for inclusion. This image was recently reinforced by not taking a stand on the death of a student who died in degrading circumstances during a student baptism. However, KU Leuven has been working on an integrity for years. Without impact. With this pact for mutual respect, KU Leuven wants to break once and for all with the image of a university that is exclusive by opening a dialogue with its students and staff. Done in a contemporary style that fits in with the world of students, without being pedantic.

Provide the full film script in English.

This is what the future needs to be Somewhere we can be Free to be Treated equally Somewhere every playing field is levelled evenly No fear of being judged If something has changed within us Old or young, Out on a limb, or without one Regardless of we choose as partners Home is where the heart is Welcomed with open arms. Whichever pronouns you choose You are still pronounced as you The only agenda Is hold me tender If you grew up with kick-ups in Matongé’s square Or pulling a zip up against the cold sea air Whether your parents fought for scraps Or had fortunes in their lap - (You are here) No more being attacked Or having confidence wrecked We are making a pact a pact for more respect Prejudice exists in all of us It can torture us But we know there’s a future Where there’s more to us Picture this somewhere we can be uninhibited Unlimited And able to celebrate in our differences This is what respect is All of us accepted That is where we’re headed