Short List
Category A03. Casting
Idea Creation HOUSE OF RADON Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement HOUSE OF RADON Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production HOUSE OF RADON Stockholm, SWEDEN
Post Production HOUSE OF RADON Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Helin Honung Helin Honung Caster
Jens Löfgren House of Radon Director
Alexandra Arvidson House of Radon Creative copywriter
Viktor Kumlin N/A Director Of Photography
Linnea Andersson House of Radon Producer
Agnes Ahlstedt House of Radon Producer
Simon Bengtsson N/A 1ST AC
Petrus Lidbeck House of Radon Editor
bernadette hutson House of Radon Account Director
Hanna Tholl House of Radon PR Creative

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The film chronicles the power of hair through a series of interviews from different perspectives. While it is not revealed outright, the red thread across these different speakers is that they are members of the trans or gender non-binary communities. The film is driven by interviews are taking place within a studio setting. Intertwined, to create interest, there are two other components in the film. Firstly, flashback scenes that depict poignant hair memories of the past such as hair cuts, styling hair with barettes in the bathroom. Secondly, close ups of our cast touching their hair, looking into camera, dancing. The film ends with all of the cast members standing together, representing unity.

Tell the jury about the casting process.

Casting process was the most important part of the campaign because we cannot manufacture or underestimate the role of hair in the trans and gender non-binary communities. The casting process was rigorous and a complete 180 degree change for how Pantene normally casts. As a hair care brand, casting is usually centered around hair type. In this process,however, we used a combination of questionnaires, self tapes and interviews to find our cast. Questionnaires spanned topics like “do you love your hair in its current state?”, “what is best hair day”. The emotional attachment and journey with hair was center stage and aligned with Pantene’s new mission: “better hair days for everyone”.