Short List
Category B01. Editing
Idea Creation RADON CREATIVE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement RADON CREATIVE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production RADON CREATIVE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Post Production RADON CREATIVE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Maja Haraldsson Radon Creative Senior Project Manager
Alexandra Arvidson Radon Creative Creative copywrite
Furkan Bayraktar Radon Creative Developer
Leo Köhler Radon Creative Motion
Anton Nicolau Noren Radon Creative Editor
Marcus Lundin Radon Creative Director
Erik Skånmyr Hero Radon Creative Agency Producer
Johanna Lindberg Radon Creative PR lead
Petrus Lidbeck Radon Creative Editor
Frida Sarachu Nilsson Radon Creative Project manager
Andreas Knutsson Radon Creative Designer
Christopher McClaren Radon Creative Paid media lead
Oliver Powers Radon Creative Paid media
Christoffer McKie Radon Creative Designer
Christian Persson Radon Creative Developer
Karolin Gu Radon Creative Motion designer
Albin Sjödin Freelance Director Of Photography
City Father . Freelance Music Artist
Ponytail⁣⁣⁣ . Ponytail⁣⁣⁣ Sound
Miles Lembke⁣⁣⁣ Freelance Grade
Johan Broome⁣⁣⁣ Freelance Set designer
Sofi Gregersdotter Freelance Stylist
Soley Astudottir Freelance Hair and make up
XO Mgmt, The Talent Group and Art Official . Freelance Talent, etc
Gabriella Engdahl Freelance Actor
Peter Lundhall Freelance Actor
Anette Otterström RFSU Nordic brand manager
Christina Gjerluf Brantling RFSU Marketing manager
Pelle Ullholm RFSU Sex ed

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The viewer is able to switch between the perspectives of two subjects: a man and a woman, both in their 20s. At a house party, the guy has just spotted a girl he’s been hoping will show up. She does, and she wonders if he’s still single. Soon, they’re chatting on a couch, and we hear the nerves building in their minds. Visual effects evoke the sexual electricity that begins to spark between the pair, and before we know it, they’re outdoors and night is turning today. Kissing is followed by foreplay, and thoughts bounce between body insecurities, pleasure, condoms, and performance anxiety. The girl hopes he’ll use a condom, though the guy is worried about one killing the vibe. He reaches for one anyway. Moments later, passionate sex ends. Text appears: “Reading someone isn’t always easy. A condom is a perfect way to start the conversation.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

The thoughts voiced in the script are based on real interviews with young Swedes, revealing questions, concerns, and insecurities about sex that many would never dare say out loud. The cast is made up of regular Swedes (no famous actors) to make the film more relatable to the target audience. The main characters are also a young couple in real life, making the intimate acting both natural and vulnerable. A diverse cast was also key to make it feel genuine, mirroring society as it is, casting an array of shapes, sizes, sexualities, and ethnicities. The setting of a house party in the suburbs as well as a typical Scandinavian lake in the summer also played a role in making it relatable to the memories of young Swedes across the country.

Tell the jury anything relevant about the edit. Do not name the editor.

This film gave us an unprecedented challenge in the editing room; we were making two edits that would later play simultaneously in an interactive player, with the viewer able to cut between the two perspectives. Both edits needed to work on their own, meaning that if the viewer decided to just watch one perspective, the story, emotions, and messaging should be conveyed in a clear way without feeling sluggish or slow-paced. At the same time, they needed to be synced in their rhythms so that the viewer didn’t get disoriented when swapping perspectives. What we found was that using the exact same cutting points in both films helped make the interactive viewing experience less jumpy. And we slowed the editing pace down to roughly 50-60% to account for the viewers making their own cuts.