2020 Glass: The Award For Change


Category A01. Glass
Entrant KITCHEN Madrid, SPAIN
Idea Creation KITCHEN Madrid, SPAIN
Production MCNULTY Madrid, SPAIN
Post Production MCNULTY Madrid, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Iñaki Bendito Kitchen S.L. CEO
Gema Arias Kitchen S.L. Head of Creative Strategy
Nacho Tovar Kitchen S.L. Head of Brand Strategy
Yeray Cerpa Kitchen S.L. Creative Direction
Sergio Sanchez Caballero Kitchen S.L. Creative Direction
Sandra Ruiz de Somavía Kitchen S.L. Account Director
María Casado Kitchen S.L. Account Supervisor


Women and girls represent 70% of the world's poor. Oxfam Intermón works against discrimination so that women around the world can live free of violence and exercise their rights to education, access to land, security, work and political participation. Because women who move forward move society forward. But there are many women who are not allowed to move forward. In Colombia, since 2016, more than 60 women have been killed for defending the land and the environment. But the government is not only doing nothing to stop it, but it is trying to silence it. The objective was twofold, on the one hand to bring the problem to the attention of the public and on the other to try to end the killings by protecting women defenders of land from any kind of retaliation.

Describe the cultural / social / political climate in your region and the significance of your campaign within this context

After the signing of the peace deal with the Colombian government, the FARC abandoned the indigenous lands in which they were, but instead armed groups arrived to exploit them at their convenience. The women social leaders who denounced this injustice were the most vulnerable group: they were threatened, raped and executed. Since 2016 more than 50 women have been killed. However, the Colombian government has done absolutely nothing, going so far as to say that it was a women's inssues. The government's immobility has made being a defender of land and the environment in Colombia one of the most dangerous jobs in the world today.

Describe the creative idea

The creative idea was to resurrect with the help of technology one of the murdered leaders, someone who could not be harmed, and make her the face and voice of all injustice. None of the families of the murdered women wanted to participate in the project, for fear of being the focus of further attacks. We had to rethink everything. By collecting and crossing biometric data from all the murdered women, we created a digital woman who was the sum of all of them: Victoria. And we made an encrypted app for the affected women, using Face Capture to adapt Victoria's face to the face of the leaders in real time so that they could denounce without fear of reprisals.

Describe the strategy

Colombia is the second most dangerous country in the world for people defending the land and the environment. In 2019, attacks against women defenders have suffered the greatest escalation ever recorded: a 97% increase. We had to give voice to a problem that was being silenced and, at the same time, help all social leaders to continue denouncing injustices. We wanted to have an impact on public opinion in both Colombia and Spain, because everything that happens in Spain has a lot of resonance in Colombia. We decided to make a call to action to the only person who could really help us: the president of Colombia, through the only women who could no longer be killed. The dead women.

Describe the execution

We present Victoria to the world with a moving video personally addressed to the President of Colombia, Ivan Duque. In which we informed him and the whole society about the terrible problem that social leaders were facing in their own country. Numerous top-level influencers, both Spanish and Colombian, joined the action, launching videos on their social networks turned into Victoria to draw the attention of all their followers to a problem that was being silenced. And we created a platform to collect the real testimonies of the social leaders, to show that we would never stop fighting. Because together we are Victoria.

Describe the results / impact

+ 250 defendants 364 accusations - 46% attacks + 13 millions audience