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Category B01. Brand-led Education & Awareness
Idea Creation HEREZIE Paris, FRANCE
Post Production BANDITS Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Andrea Stillacci HEREZIE GROUP Chief Executive Officer
Etienne Renaux HEREZIE GROUP Executive Creative Director
Paul Marty HEREZIE GROUP Executive Creative Director
Rodolphe Pinta HEREZIE GROUP Art Director
Theo Castagne HEREZIE GROUP Copywriter
Dimitri Boudnikoff HEREZIE GROUP Group Account Director
Marine Chenu HEREZIE GROUP Account Director
Laura Marie HEREZIE GROUP Account Executive
Lisa Duchein HEREZIE GROUP Project Manager
Douglas Antonio HEREZIE GROUP Social Media Manager
Lucie Roques HEREZIE GROUP Social Media Manager
Tanya Kozlova HEREZIE GROUP Agency Producer
Laureen Rigot HEREZIE GROUP Agency Producer
Alexandre Andresciani AMAZON PRIME VIDEO Sr Social Marketing Manager
. Original Kids GLITCH PARIS Directors

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

The Superwear campaign was only intended to reach a very specific target audience: the fans of the Prime Video show, The Boys. Each message on each touchpoint (guerrilla street marketing, press, PR, retail, social media, influence networks, etc) was therefore crafted (notably with the aid of many easter eggs) to address this community.


Even if computers and smartphones have democratized the consumption of video content, they are not entirely above criticism. Recent studies have shown that the waves, heat and light they transmit (even the heat given off from a laptop on top of the bed covers during a late-night session), can have a negative impact on your fertility. So for the release of the Season 2 of The Boys (the most watched series across all streaming platforms in October 2020), Prime Video addressed the problem by engaging the fan community

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

Superwear is the first collection of underwear, for both men and women, that protects Prime Video members while they binge-watch, from risks affecting their fertility, such as electro-magnetic waves, radio frequency energy, germs or heat. Developed using patented technology, called WaveStopper, with the company Lambs, a Californian start-up, the collection was signed by Vought International, the fictional corporation in the series, whose mission is to protect the population from danger. Each design represented one of the show’s superheroes and could be bought online or in stores. This productizing initiative enabled Prime Video to develop an object that was a direct solution to a common problem in today’s society (except for those people who don’t wear underwear, but that’s a whole other story…). All profits from this capsule collection, that sold out in just 3 weeks, went towards fertility research at the Fondation de France.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

To promote this collection of technological underwear, we brought Vought International to real life. Each touchpoint was used to best engage the fans (the biggest fanbase community of all the Prime Video shows), from brand content, film, an influence campaign, guerrilla street marketing to a fashion lookbook. Superwear became THE topic of conversation in The Boys community as the second season launched.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

The campaign was launched with an advertising film signed Vought International. Filmed like a propaganda video, filled with easter eggs in reference to the show, viewers were invited to win the underwear on Prime Video social channels, or to buy them directly online or in stores. The collection was available throughout France from the comic book stores, Album. It quickly became a trending topic within show’s community fanbase, so much so that they were then exported to various other European countries. A guerilla street marketing campaign in the 5 biggest French cities, as well as a lookbook (notably in Society, one of the most popular French press titles), made up the wide promotional coverage. Many influencers participated in the adventure, generating content throughout social media (notably on Twitch) and enabling the campaign to gather tens of millions of views, resulting in a record donation to Fondation de France’s fertility research.

List the results (30% of vote)

2500 Superwear briefs were sold online making up a total of 49 000 euros in donations to the Fondation de France for fertility research. 100+ online and offline press impressions, including BFM TV, Society, Konbini, RTL, Shots Magazine…