Bronze Eurobest Award

Demo Film


Category B03. Fundraising & Advocacy
Entrant ABBY PRIEST Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation ABBY PRIEST Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement ABBY PRIEST Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production NEW LAND Stockholm, SWEDEN
Post Production CHIMNEY Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Oskar Hellqvist Abby Priest Creative Director
Louise Lundqvist Abby Priest PR Director
Andreas Morne Abby Priest Project Manager
Johanna Lindberg Abby Priest PR Specialist
Ebba Lindqvist Freelane PR Specialist
Louise Persson Abby Priest Production Manager
Elin Albinsson Abby Priest Coordinator
David Alledal Abby Priest Copywriter
Sebastian Brännén Abby Priest Art Director
Lukas Andersson Abby Priest Designer
Fredrik Moberg Abby Priest Creative Intern
Kristofer Englund Abby Priest Creative Intern
Marcus Ibanez New Land Director
Sophie Tamm Christensen New Land Executive Producer
Sophie Tamm Christensen New Land Executive Producer, Video
Ylva Axell Abby Priest Producer
Erik Henriksson New Land Director Of Photography
Joakim Stephensson New Land Choreographer
André Brink Universal Music Music Supervisor
Jonas Holst Universal Music Music Supervisor
Karin Dreijer Berts Songs Composer & Writer
Olof Dreijer Berts Songs Composer & Writer
Pontus Winnberg Amason Executive Producer, Music
Amason Members of the band Amason Music Artist

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

Filmed in black-and-white, the non-linear action takes place at a crossroads. Chest scarred from CHD surgery, a boy dances madly in the street as scenes of his tumultuous young life flash around him, creating a visual poem that ripples with his parents fear, anxiety, and hope. In the end, he drops to the ground as his young heart simply can’t dance anymore.

Tell the jury about the creation of the original music, choice of music track or about the elements of sound design.

The band Amason, led by lead singer Amanda Bergman, featuring the likes of Pontus Winnberg (producer for Britney Spears and Madonna) sampled Dante’s heartbeat in a music studio using a wireless Bluetooth stethoscope. The samples were mastered to function as the beat in the song and were overlayed with evocative soundscapes and Amanda's powerful voice. While the original lyrics are a tale about lovers' passion, here they are given new meaning. Lines like ”One night to push and scream” become about childbirth, ”The colors red and blue” about ambulance sirens and whether you’re religious or not, the line ”Asking for help from above, to lean on, wouldn’t be good enough” sends a clear message - these children need your help. The song was made the centerpiece of an integrated campaign launching on WHO:s International World Hearts Day on September 29 spanning to October 13.