Bronze Eurobest Award
Category B01. Brand-led Education & Awareness
Idea Creation HEREZIE Paris, FRANCE
Production THE CABS Marne La Vallee, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Andrea Stillacci HEREZIE GROUP Chief Executive Officer
Paul Marty HEREZIE GROUP Executive Creative Director
Etienne Renaux HEREZIE GROUP Executive Creative Director
Rodolphe Pinta HEREZIE GROUP Art Director
Theo Castagne HEREZIE GROUP Copywriter
Jade . HEREZIE GROUP Very Junior Art Director
Tiago . HEREZIE GROUP Very Junior Art Director
Marilou . HEREZIE GROUP Very Junior Art Director
Dimitri Boudnikoff HEREZIE GROUP Group Account Director
Marine Chenu HEREZIE GROUP Account Director
Tanya Kozlova HEREZIE GROUP Agency Producer
Douglas Antonio HEREZIE GROUP Social Media Manager
Alexandre Andresciani AMAZON PRIME VIDEO Sr Social Marketing Manager

Why is this work relevant for Branded Content & Entertainment?

The campaign was made up of a series of three 2-minute videos, which were shared and posted on Prime Video’s social media channels (notably Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). The construction of the videos, in the form of an experiment, effectively conveyed the CSR message to remind members about the importance of the Parental Control features, while showcasing the Prime Video original shows.


In 2020, more than ever due to lockdown, people spent even more time in front of their screens. Some parents even knowingly let their kids watch streaming platforms for hours to keep them occupied. Yet a lot of the content isn’t adapted for children, particularly the Prime originals on Amazon Prime Video. So, in view of the context, to remind people about their Parental Control functions, Amazon Prime Video took the opportunity to showcase their latest shows…in a rather unusual way.

Describe the creative idea

To prove the efficiency (and the necessity) of the Parental Control feature, Prime Video asked 3 of its youngest members to take part in an original experiment. They had to draw the posters for three Prime original series which were unsuitable for under 18s. They were only given the titles and obviously hadn’t seen the shows, thanks to the parental control feature. The huge difference between the results of their vivid imaginations and the bloody reality of the images gave rise to a video campaign that went viral and a side-by-side OOH campaign: the children’s illustrations were displayed alongside the darker, more gruesome, actual posters for the shows throughout Paris. Prime Video reaffirmed its position as a responsible brand with an important conclusion: “we prefer they imagine them, rather than watch them”, while promoting their original programs to a more informed audience: in other words, a twofer!

Describe the strategy

The videos, aimed at the parents, are deliberately designed to surprise the viewer. By touching a nerve, while adding a dose of cuteness, the message is even more powerful, almost shocking. The films were posted on YouTube and Facebook, the main social video platforms. Their short format, coupled with a PR strategy, helped to maximize their reach, both online and in the press, which, given the context and the subject of screen time during lockdown, was very instrumental in conveying the CSR message.

Describe the execution

Jade (6 years old), Thiago (5 years old) and Marilou (6 years old), three young Prime Video members, gave free rein to their imagination and illustrated their interpretation of three Prime Video Originals. Controversial, violent series containing vulgarity and reserved for an adult audience (16+/18+) ... basically shows they quite simply haven’t been able to watch…thanks to Prime’s parental control settings. The content of the experiment was used to make 3 viral videos and a poster campaign.

Describe the outcome

The videos were shared thousands of times on social media and recorded over 10 million views in France. Each video also achieved a record completion rate of 80%. The campaign was mentioned in more than 50 articles in the press, in more than 10 countries and there are plans to adapt it for the USA this year. Last, but not least, the parental control settings have been activated more than ever before in French households (confidential data).