Entrant NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement 2 SYSTEMBOLAGET Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Post Production NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Andreas Dahlqvist NORD DDB Stockholm Chief Creative Officer
Kalle dos Santos NORD DDB Stockholm Art Director
Stefan Gustafsson NORD DDB Stockholm Copywriter
Jonas Björlin NORD DDB Stockholm Client Director
Johanna Wernqvist NORD DDB Stockholm Client Manager
Beatrice Geijer NORD DDB Stockholm Client Manager
Elias Betinakis NORD DDB Stockholm Planner
Elina Reinerstam NORD DDB Stockholm Planner
Jesper Andersson NORD DDB Stockholm Media Planner
Kristin Åkerlund NORD DDB Stockholm PR strategist
Siri Lindén NORD DDB Stockholm Community Manager
Patrick Emt NORD DDB Stockholm Graphic Designer
Emily Rider NORD DDB Stockholm Graphic Designer
Emilia Helgesson NORD DDB Stockholm Graphic Designer
John Hichens DDB House Agency Producer
Jesper Ericstam Social Club Director
Henrik Lagercrantz Social Club Executive Producer
Magnus Theorin Social Club Executive Producer
Elin Jonsson Social Club Producer
Henrik Sternberg Social Club DOP Lighting Cameraman
Markus Berkvist Musik Super Circus Music

Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

All channels in this campaign, from TVC and online videos to radio and social media, had one simple message: Say No to the one you love the most. And as a center piece, we had our own version of 2 Unlimited´s hit No limits from 1993. But in our version the lyrics was just one word: No In each channel, we adapted our idea so that it suited that particular channel best.


In Sweden, you can only buy alcohol at the State Monopoly - Systembolaget. And to buy alcohol you have to be over 20. Systembolagets mission from the Government is to reduce alcohol-related problems. And they are doing so by selling alcohol responsibly and without a profit motive. One of the most important cornerstones of their mission to sell responsibly is to protect young people from obtaining alcohol. One way of protecting the young is to encourage older siblings, friends, partners and parents to refrain from buying alcohol to them. Our objective was to help Systembolaget in this part of their mission and get swedes over 20 years old to refrain and say no to buying alcohol to someone underaged. As well as increase likeability for Systembolaget as a brand and support for the state monopoly on alcohol.

Describe the creative idea

Trying to have a good relationship with your teenage child can be quite difficult with everything that happens at that age. There can be quarrels about everything from picking out the dishwasher to coming home at a reasonable time when it is school day the next day. And sometimes, as an adult, you might think that you should choose your fights. For the sake of peace. For the sake of the relationship. But this is not a fight, this is more a declaration of love. Because the worst thing that could happen when you say no to buy alcohol, is a quarrel. Which is not dangerous. Say No to the one you love the most.

Describe the strategy

The target group was young adults primarily as studies show that 1/3 of young adults have bought alcohol to a person under the age of 20, and parents secondary. To encourage these groups to refrain from buying alcohol underaged we needed to find out why they do it. We found that many say "yes" because they want to build a better relationship with the person who asks. We found that 6/10 say "yes" out of consideration because they do not want the person they care about to get into trouble because of alcohol that comes from unreliable sources. But studies show that every other teenager wouldn’t turn to other sources for alcohol if their loved one said "no". It’s not natural to say "no" to people you care about. Therefore we realized we must encourage them to say “no” by showing them that it’s an act of love.

Describe the execution

In August 2020, when High School starts again, we started out with a national broad reaching "traditional" media mix with TV/OLV/Radio/Social/Influencers to ensure high reach and impact in media consumed by both Young Adults and Parents. We wanted to create a conversation between the parent and the Young Adults. To follow up and gain momentum with the Young Adults (older siblings to the under aged kids) we did a hyper focused impact with influencers (all had younger siblings) in social media. The media impact created a media reach of 80% with a 5+ frequency at 50% of the audience.

List the results

54% of all Swedes have seen the TVC. Most have seen it several times. 62% of all swedes between the ages of 25-54 heard the radio spot at least once (that ran for 4 weeks). 8/10 can state that Systembolaget is the sender. 61% of Swedes state that they have a positive overall impression. 81% of the listeners of the radio spot are positive, 54% give the spot the highest rating. 82% have identified the correct message. The messages are mainly considered to be "important" (77%), "credible", (59%) and "creates reflection" (55%, 57%) by the main target group. This is very positive as the message revolved around the importance of not buying alcohol for minors. After the campaign, 21% were also more positive about Systembolaget and the monopoly on alcohol.