Product/ServiceVOLVO XC60 / XC90
Idea Creation FORSMAN & BODENFORS Gothenburg, SWEDEN
Production NEW LAND Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Karl Risenfors Forsman & Bodenfors Art Director
Sophia Lindholm Forsman & Bodenfors Art Director
Leo Dal Forsman & Bodenfors Art Director
Hampus Elfström Forsman & Bodenfors Copywriter
Nicholas Düfke Forsman & Bodenfors Copywriter
Magnus Wretblad Forsman & Bodenfors Account Supervisor
Katarina Klofsten Forsman & Bodenfors Account Executive
Lena Sellman Forsman & Bodenfors Agency Producer
Bjarne Darwall Forsman & Bodenfors PR Strategist
Daniel Sjöstrand Forsman & Bodenfors Planner
Martin Joelsson Forsman & Bodenfors Designer
F&B Inhouse F&B Inhouse Web Design
Niclas Larsson New Land Director
Joel Rostmark New Land Producer
Adam Holmström New Land Producer
Linus Sandgren New Land D.O.P.
Sophie Tamm Christensen New Land New Land
Carla Luffe New Land Editor
Chimney Chimney Chimney Online
Patrik Johäll Superstudios Photographer, Stills
MUSIC Performed by: Pete Seeger Smithsonian Folk Ways Recordings Music Composition
MUSIC Performed by: Pete Seeger Smithsonian Folk Ways Recordings Music Composition

Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

The Parents is a multi-channel and media agnostic campaign led by a hero film. The main film was broadcasted both as a TVC and online film in several different lengths and formats. In social, we took advantage of the online phenomenon “parents saves” and crosscut our film with already existing memes. This resulted in several short unique assets for each and every channel, as an extension of the main content. In print, we wanted to break category language by combining high craft car photography with imagery of chaotic family life and capture the charming imperfections that comes with having children.


The main objective of the campaign was to help Volvo reclaim the position as a market leader in safety. With new modern safety features, Volvo aims to bring equal safety to all and protect people both inside and outside cars, which led us to the overarching new concept line: For everyone’s safety. More specifically, Volvo wanted to position the XC60 as the ultimate family car. To stand out from an increasingly crowded space, we needed to redefine the modern family car. We based the whole idea on one human insight: being exhausted is a sign of a good parent, but also a bad driver. We understand that parents need more than a spacious trunk and durable interior materials when they choose a new car – they need someone looking after them, like they look after their kids.

Describe the creative idea

We all know that parenting is a 24-hour job. But the depiction of parents in the media is something else: unrealistic, unattainable and flawless. In this campaign for Volvo XC60, the ultimate family car, we wanted to show that being exhausted is a sign of a good parent, but also a bad driver. And that a family car should be more than just spacious trunks and durable materials – it should protect you and your loved ones on the road. Because sometimes, child or adult, we all need someone looking after us.

Describe the strategy

The main target audience were parents or parents-to-be. Volvo wanted to position the XC60 as the ultimate family car and we needed to show the target audience that we understand all aspects of family life, not only the practical ones. That even the most exceptional parent gets exhausted and when that happens, they need more than just a spacious trunk and durable materials – they need protection.

Describe the execution

In the main film, we follow a couple adapting to their new life as parents. They deal with early mornings, towers of diapers and baby proofs every room, all while operating on very little sleep. As the momentum builds, the mother is saved by a safety feature in the XC60, ending with the message: “The car that looks after you, like you look after others”. To fully utilize the concept in social media, we used an online phenomenon, so-called “parent saves”, and combined it with our own footage to create humorous short clips. And to break category language in still images, we combined beautiful car photography with chaotic family life. All assets led to the same powerful message: sometimes, we all need someone looking after us.

List the results

Within 24 hours, the campaign instantly created thousands of reactions on social media. Despite portraying a chaotic side of family life, most comments were positive, and it wasn’t just parents that praised the refreshing honesty from a car brand. The observation value was 92%, which is high above the benchmark of 53%. And the people who engaged with the campaign experienced it as original, interesting, useful and relatable. It also exceeded the sales target by 58%. To summarize, excellent results from a campaign that launched early in September 2020.