Category A02. AR
Idea Creation SNAP London, UNITED KINGDOM
Idea Creation 2 WANNABY Minsk, BELARUS
Media Placement SNAP London, UNITED KINGDOM
Production SNAP London, UNITED KINGDOM
Production 2 WANNABY Minsk, BELARUS
Name Company Position
Salome Jestin Snapchat Senior Creative Strategist
Joachim Piry Snapchat Creative Production Manager
Vira Melnychenko Snapchat Production Manager
Anton Autushka Wannaby Head of Engineering
Alexander Sologub, Aleksey Ropan, Andrey Luzan Wannaby R&D Engineers
Uladzislau Babitski, Andrei Kasinski, Andrey Urbanovich Wannaby 3D Artists


Trying on a new pair of luxury shoes is traditionally a very exclusive and exciting experience. However, with the world on lockdown launching new luxury footwear is a huge challenge.

Describe the creative idea

Gucci were able to navigate this by employing new machine learning technology to create a luxury try on experience that felt exclusive but that could be accessed by everyone. For the new Gucci Shoes launch during lockdown, we needed to create something as pleasant, as immersive and as engaging as your real store experience : the first ever real shoe try on in Augmented Reality. Try on directly on your feet, move, walk and buy from the Snapchat experience

Describe the strategy

By launching this experience on Snapchat they were able to tap into the scaled behavior of AR usage, and the close friends networks that exist on the platform. In doing so they drove awareness and advocacy at scale, as well as sales. Launching a digital / virtual shoe is the opportunity to have as many people as we want to have a try. And way more that we could have in stores ! We targeted 9 countries (from US to FR, UK, MENA, JAPAN...) directly in the camera with an experience for male and an experience for women ! We also created special content from the experience to advertise in video and allow user to swipe up to try on the shoes.

Describe the execution

May / June 2020 a launch entirely digital on Snapchat Lens in the snapchat camera screen Snap Ads to AR to swipe up and unlock the experience 9 countries activated

List the results

Reach : 18,9M Lens Playtime : 24,01 sec Attachement Playtime (swipe up from the Snap Ad to play with the AR experience) : 40,79sec POSITIVE ROAS