Category A01. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Idea Creation BUZZMAN Paris, FRANCE
Production 5ROADZ Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Georges Mohammed-Chérif Buzzman President & Executive Creative Director
Thomas Granger Buzzman Vice-President
Julien Levilain Buzzman Managing Director
Victor Sidoroff Buzzman Senior Art Director & Copywriter
Mickaël Krikorian Buzzman Senior Art Director & Copywriter
Gianni Leotta Buzzman Art Director
Romuald Mevaere Buzzman Copywriter
Isaure Goetz Buzzman Associate Director
Clémence Gateau Buzzman Account Manager
Clément Scherrer Buzzman Head of Strategic Planning
Amélie Juillet Buzzman Head of PR & Communication
Paul Renaudineau Buzzman PR & Communication Manager
Dee Perryman Buzzman Rights Management
Vanessa Barbel Buzzman Head of Production
Assya Mediouni Buzzman Production
May Pham Buzzman Production
Charlotte Chadeau Buzzman Production
Isabelle Baudry 5ROADZ Decorator / Designer
Jérôme Galland LNB Photographer

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Starwax offers premium and super-specialized cleaning products, sold in DIY stores and hardware stores (not supermarkets as mass market brands). Super-specialized products dedicated to exigent people who know that you don’t take care of a parquet the same way if it is varnished or not; that unblocking toilet is different than unblocking shower bung; and that cleaning tin is not like cleaning steel. Today, 43%* of French people believe that being a cleanliness freak is a quality. The emergence of the “cool maniac” that is taking shape today in a Covid world has been Starwax’s reason for being since 1946. Through its highly specialised products, the brand is an expert in cleanliness and maintenance and wants to make maniacs proud. And because cleanliness and care are often hidden in the detail, the brand has launched a campaign that was “disturbing” for any self-respecting cleanliness enthusiast. *OpinionWay for Starwax -June 20

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Tagline : "You're not alone if this ad disturbs you" Brand signature : "As obsessive as you"

Is the poster / billboard larger or smaller than a 6 sheet poster (1200 x 1800mm)?

We had 5 billboards in the subway, format 12m2 (3 000mm x 4 000mm) and 1 giant billboard, format 356m2 (14 000mm x 25 000mm)