Bronze Eurobest Award

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Product/ServiceHET NIEUWBLAD
Category D03. Special Build
Idea Creation LDV UNITED Antwerp, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Dries De Bruyn LDV United Creative Director
Dennis Vandewalle LDV United Creative Director
Dries De Wilde LDV Copywriter
Willem De Wachter LDV United Art Director

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Het Nieuwsblad is Belgium's number 1 sports newspaper. In the Belgian market, cycling is hugely popular and millions of fans follow the cycling competition, the Tour of Flanders is the pinnacle of the cycling year. However, in 2020, the story changed. Covid-19 took over the world. All major sports events were canceled. With no heroic cycling to report. Het Nieuwsblad decided to bring a more relevant story than a canceled race.

Write a short summary of the ambient work.

Cycling is Belgium’s national sport. The biggest race, the Tour of Flanders has an iconic route through the hills of the countryside. These roads are holy ground for all Belgian sports fans. Due to COVID-19, all major sports events were canceled. There were no names of cycling champions to be seen on the iconic roads. We painted the names of hundreds of anonymous health workers with the same last name as cyclists, as a tribute to all healthcare workers who were doing heroic work day after day. On the exact moment of the cancelled Tour of Flanders, the Cobblestone Tribute was broadcasted on national tv and spread online.