Product/ServiceFAST FOOD
Category A04. Travel, Leisure, Retail, Restaurants & Fast Food Chains
Idea Creation BUZZMAN Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Georges Mohammed-Chérif Buzzman President & Executive Creative Director
Thomas Granger Buzzman Vice-President
Julien Levilain Buzzman Managing Director
Manel Jouini Buzzman Art Director
Manel Jouini Buzzman Copywriter
Edouard Jacquelin Buzzman Art Director
Edouard Jacquelin Buzzman Copywriter
Loïc Coelho Buzzman Head of Account
Fany Maupou Buzzman Account Executive
Clément Scherrer Buzzman Head of Strategic Planning
Amélie Juillet Buzzman Head of PR & Communication
Paul Renaudineau Buzzman PR & Communication Manager
Vanessa Barbel Buzzman Head of Production

Cultural / Context information for the jury

With 328 restaurants, BURGER KING® is now well established in France, but there are still some places where the brand is not yet present. Instead of being complexed about it (our main competitor has 1 400 restaurants…), the brand decided to turn this “weakness” into an opportunity to promote its new delivery service. We indeed built a disruptive and funny OOH campaign in places where there was no restaurants giving passers-by false directions that will not lead them to one of its restaurants because there are none nearby. Hopefully for them, they can order Burger King all the same thanks to its new delivery service that now works in this area.

Translation. Provide a full English translation of any text.

Our creations relates to what we call signage / long term advertising. All of them then included a direction sign (eg. an arrow), a distance (eg. 200m), an headline to say there is no burger king close to this panel and a final line / call to action saying that it doesn't matter because now people can use our delivery service, available here.

Is the poster / billboard larger or smaller than a 6 sheet poster (1200 x 1800mm)?

Larger. For our OOH campaign, we had 2 formats: 2m2 (1200 x 1760mm) and 12m2 (4000 x 3000mm). For our Digital OOH campaign in the train stations, we had 1 format: 2m2 (1200 x 1760mm).