Category F01. Local Brand
Entrant ART UNION Moscow, RUSSIA
Idea Creation ART UNION Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Dmitriy Senderov Art Union CEO
Vitaliy Gevorkyan Art Union Executive Creative Director
Mikhail Goryaninov Art Union Executive Creative Director
Egor Gournik Usachevskiy Market Director
Nikita Senderov Art Union Chief Creative Officer
Olga Popova Art Union Copywriter
Mariya Nesterenko Art Union Agency Producer
Anna Usacheva Art Union Art Director
Oleg Egorov Art Union Producer
Vladimir Konarev Art Union Video Director
Aleksandr Nosovskiy Art Union DOP
Roman Maslennikov Взрывной PR CEO
Aleksandr Andrianov Взрывной PR PR Manager
Julia Khramchenkova Взрывной PR PR Manager
Andrei Filatov Взрывной PR PR Manager
Anfisa Sultanova Взрывной PR PR Manager
Ilnur Haev Взрывной PR PR Manager
Anton Regitov Взрывной PR PR Manager
Alexandr Bersenev Взрывной PR PR Manager

Please tell us about the brand in relation to the locality or market where the product / service is distributed

Usachevsky Market is a popular place in Moscow, with more than 30 best restaurants and cafes with different national cuisines. The goal of our project was to draw public attention to disrespectful treatment of female chefs in Russia. The mission of our project was to dispel the stereotype that the best chefs are men. We interacted directly with our visitors through tastings and further calls for e-voting for the best restaurant concept. The vote helped determine the winners, who were mostly female chefs. So, we were able to defeat the myth that professional chefs are male only. All words in Russian language have a gender assigned to them. We contacted dictionaries and added a new feminine gender for the Russian word Chef. For the first time ever, the LARGEST online dictionary of Contemporary Russian officially announced that the word “chef” can be used both in the masculine and feminine genders.