Category F05. Cultural Insight
Entrant HOK-ELANTO Helsinki, FINLAND
Media Placement CARAT Helsinki, FINLAND
Name Company Position
Sami Kelahaara TBWA Helsinki Art Director
Martta Kallio TBWA Helsinki Copywriter
Jyrki Poutanen TBWA Helsinki Chief Creative Officer
Joni Furstenborg TBWA Helsinki Creative Director
Taneli Mattelmäki TBWA Helsinki VP, Retail
Anni Tammenaho TBWA Helsinki Project Manager
Jerry Strengell TBWA Helsinki Editor
Ville Ruokonen TBWA Helsinki Junior Planner
Henrietta Tastula TBWA Helsinki Content Producer
Viggo Holländer TBWA Helsinki Digital Designer
Roni Regnér TBWA Helsinki Copywriter
Hanna Karlsson TBWA Helsinki Designer
Rosa Seppälä TBWA Helsinki Designer
Anette Michelsson TBWA Helsinki Account Manager
Tuomas Ahola HOK-Elanto Marketing Director
Teija Järvinen SOK Brand Manager
Minni Jaakola SOK Media Brand Manager
Tuula Rajamäki SOK Media Project Manager
Sonja Schalin SOK Media Other Credits
Johanna Koskela SOK Media Media Manager
Laura Turunen SOK Media Other Credits
Tuukka Laitinen SOK Media Other Credits
Veli-Pekka Ojamaa Carat Account Director
Kaisa Rissanen Carat Account Manager
Juha Halmesvaara Carat Account Director
Lauri Toivonen SOK media SVP Marketing
Eesu Lehtola Eesu Lehtola Animation
Mikko Pietilä TBWA\Helsinki Executive Creative Director

Please tell us about the cultural insight that inspired the work

Finland, like the rest of Europe, had seen a surge in far right views and anti-immigrant sentiment in the past decade. Yet the proportion of foreign nationals was on a continuous rise and cities were becoming more and more multicultural. As the extremist right wing was loudly condemning immigrants, it seemed that it was the big brands’ turn to raise their voice and make all nationals feel safe and welcome. Although many claimed to be on the side of equality, few incorporated it as actions in their everyday business. And no brands in Finland had addressed the question of language as a means to build bridges.