Brand13ÈME RUE
Product/Service13ÈME RUE
Category D06. Transit
Entrant BETC Paris, FRANCE
Idea Creation BETC Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Olivier Apers BETC Executive Creative Director
Guillaume Rebbot BETC Creative Director
David Derouet BETC Art Director
Alice Resseguier BETC Assistant Art Director
Adrian Skenderovic BETC Copywriter
Maxime Huyghe BETC Digital Development and Production
Alexis Galbourdin BETC Digital Development and Production
Arthur Guillaume BETC Digital Development and Production
Lucie Marche BETC Digital Development and Production
Antonin Langlade BETC Digital Development and Production
Matthieu Morosi BETC Digital Development and Production
Mathieu Laugier BETC Agency Management
Emmanuel Woehrel BETC Agency Management
Aude Devaux BETC Agency Management

Write a short summary of the ambient work.

THE UNDERGROUND PREMIERE – The deeper you go, the more you can watch. For the launch of the new show Trauma, where an amnesic cop discovers a woman held captive in his basement, TV channel 13ème Rue invited fans to a secret preview BELOW GROUND. Commuters were invited to descend into the city’s deepest metro stations to discover the first episode of the show, through the first depth-contextualized display campaign. Each DOOH screen showed different immersive content based of the depth of the station and invited the public to watch the first episode: every meter below ground gave access to one minute of the show. The gloomy metro stations became the perfect place for the premier of the dark thriller Trauma.