Product/ServiceMINI ELECTRIC
Category E02. Ambient Outdoor
Entrant M&C SAATCHI Milan, ITALY
Idea Creation M&C SAATCHI Milan, ITALY
Production UTOPIA Milan, ITALY
Name Company Position
Luca Scotto di Carlo M&C SAATCHI Executive Creative Director
Vincenzo Gasbarro M&C SAATCHI Executive Creative Director
Matteo Grandese M&C SAATCHI Creative Director
Alessandro Candito M&C SAATCHI Creative Director
Margherita Zanvit M&C SAATCHI Account Director
Giorgio Locatelli M&C SAATCHI Account
Bianca Beonio Brocchieri M&C SAATCHI Account
Massimo Capucci M&C SAATCHI Head of Planning
Federico Fornasari M&C SAATCHI Production Director
Federico Fornasari Utopia Executive Producer
Nicholas Grundy Utopia Producer
Giovanni La Monaca Utopia Production Manager
Amilcare Canali Utopia Cinematographer
Piermaria Agostini Utopia Cinematographer
Roberto Minotti Utopia Cinematographer
Fulvio Bonavia Utopia Photographer
Tomaso Lisca Utopia Photographer
Luigia Sergio M&C SAATCHI Post Producer Manager
Manuel Savoia Utopia Editor
Simon Gottlieb Utopia VFX

Cultural / Context information for the jury

MINI exists to bring a spark into everyday life. So we brought a spark into an everyday electric driving...we made it fun, the MINI way. We played on simple insight: we all already experienced the fun of driving electric at least once in our life. When? If you are millennial - our core target - we would say in your childhood. Remember your slot-car electric racing track? Remember that feeling? Now thanks to MINI Electric you can have it back. But strategies are always all good in words. We needed something more. We needed to make it real. So we made it real, by creating an unprecedented electric car test drive. A walk-in event placed in the heart of one of the most iconic city areas, Corso Como, famous for clubbing and for style. A crowded hub of Milan, popular among stylish high spending people in their 30s.

Please outline the innovative elements of the work

When we were kids, playing with toy electric cars was the ultimate fun. But today's electric cars seem to lack high performances and may be seen as boring. Well, not the New MINI Full Electric. Let's bring the fun back. In the historical city centre of Milan we recreated a familiar toy electric car racing track: a 210 metres-long ambient media installation letting awe-struck guests experience the ultimate fun and high performances of New MINI Full Electric, during two electrifying test-drive days.