Category D03. Special Build
Entrant M&C SAATCHI Milan, ITALY
Idea Creation M&C SAATCHI Milan, ITALY
Production UTOPIA Milan, ITALY
Name Company Position
Luca Scotto di Carlo M&C SAATCHI Executive Creative Director
Vincenzo Gasbarro M&C SAATCHI Executive Creative Director
Daniele Dionisi M&C SAATCHI Creative Director
Paolo Perrone M&C SAATCHI Creative Director
Sofia Sasso M&C SAATCHI Copywriter
Giulia Trimarchi M&C SAATCHI Art Director
Christian Rosin M&C SAATCHI Digital Designer
Leopoldo Schutz M&C SAATCHI Head of UX/UI Design
Eleonora Guidolin M&C SAATCHI Account
Alessia Serino M&C SAATCHI Digital Producer
Federico Fornasari M&C SAATCHI Production Director
Federico Fornasari Utopia Executive Producer
Lorenzo Alaimo Utopia Producer
Elisa Shvechuck Utopia Production Assistant
Giovanni Iavarone Utopia Director
Piermaria Agostini Utopia Director Of Photography
Francesco De Giorgi Utopia Editor
Simon Gottlieb Utopia Motion Designer
Lorenzo Guagni Utopia Graphic Designer
Luca Ava Utopia Pictures
Claudia Bagordo Utopia Production Designer

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Drug traffic is a trade that is never silent, never on pause but always on track. Hidden in dark spots but moving, forward and toward a new way to deliver drugs. Mostly, cocaine. Not many people know the reality behind its secrets. In order to launch ZeroZeroZero, the Tv show by Sky Original that unveil the secrets behind the drug trade, we needed to find a disruptive idea. The campaign was set in Milan, one of the biggest city in Italy and with the higher cocaine data.

Write a short summary of the ambient work.

For two days, we opened a temporary store in the center of Milan, Italy. People who walked in were able to see and touch the goods, just like in any normal store that sells any kind of things. But when they wanted to buy the items, they had the reveal: all the goods were means to deliver different weigh of cocaine. The experience continued in an exhibition that showed people how those goods are used every day by drug dealers to hide cocaine and deliver it anywhere. ZeroZeroZero Store was also a fake e-commerce and was launched through a provocative social media campaign. All, to raise awareness and promote Sky Original ZeroZeroZero.