2020 Print & Publishing


Title4.0 STATE
Category A06. Consumer Services / Business to Business
Entrant TEMBO Torino, ITALY
Idea Creation TEMBO Torino, ITALY
Production TEMBO Torino, ITALY
Post Production TEMBO Torino, ITALY
Name Company Position
Michele Cornetto TEMBO SRL Founder & CEO
Ottavio Tarallo TEMBO SRL Art Director
Alessandro Scali TEMBO SRL Copywriter
Marco Pignatelli Freelance Freelance
Francesco Romano TEMBO SRL Digital Marketing Specialist
Elisa Porporato TEMBO SRL Client Director
Marzia Schioppetti TEMBO SRL Account Executive
Gabriele Caravolo TEMBO SRL Account

Cultural / Context information for the jury

We were asked to work on the new key visual for the 2nd edition of “Fisco & Futuro” Forum, an annual meeting of finance experts. The topic of the 2019 edition was the increase of robots workforce and artificial intelligence, related to the necessity of a new tax system. Focusing on it, we developed a visual connection between this topic and a famous Italian picture, The Fourth Estate, by Pellizza da Volpedo (1901), considered a symbol of the 20th Century, in order to create something meaningful, both creative and profound. The term “Fourth Estate” here refers to the exploited working class, raised after the acceleration of social and industrial transformations in Italy and throughout Europe. The painting depicts a workers' strike, marching peacefully, and yet determined, towards a more equitable society and a brighter future where they will no longer be exploited… just as a contemporary/future robots working class.

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4.0 STATE Robot Tax, Artificial Intelligence and companies digitization: the end of work without the end of the State.