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Category D05. Cultural Insight
Idea Creation HAVAS TURKEY Istanbul, TURKEY
Media Placement HAVAS MEDIA TURKEY Istanbul, TURKEY
Name Company Position
Ergin Binyıldız Havas Istanbul Chief Creative Officer
Volkan Dalkılıç Havas Istanbul Executive Creative Director
Anıl Süleyman Çınar Havas İstanbul Senior Copywriter
Serhan Koçak Havas İstanbul Senior Art Director
Sezgin Bulut Havas İstanbul Art Director
Dilara Tuncer Havas İstanbul Art Director
Ozan Yücekuş Havas İstanbul Copywriter
Berk Yılmaz Havas İstanbul Client Services Director
Hare Lilya Ganiç Havas İstanbul Account Supervisor
İrem Pusal Havas İstanbul Account Executive
Asya Biçer Havas İstanbul Account Executive
Doğuş Savu Havas İstanbul Social Media Manager
İrem Aycı Havas İstanbul Jr. Account Executive
Sıla Salgın Havas İstanbul Agency Producer
Gözde Bilir Havas İstanbul Agency Producer
Zihni Başsaray Havas İstanbul Digital Group Head

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Write a short summary of what happens in the radio or audio work.

"Birds Will Be Back" is part of a vast integrated campaign on reviving Kuyucuk Lake which was known as bird paradise. The work is a 24 hour audio track of birds, to be aired through mosques of Kuyucuk village, as a harbinger of good days for the inhabitants. The audio track imitates a day of Kuyucuk in the past like 233 bird species never left. Everything you hear in the audio track is based on the sounds of those specific 233 birds and their daily routines. With this 24 hour long realistic audio track, village with 284 inhabitants experienced a full day, like the birds never left. And hope is raised through whole country with a TV spot based on this project.

Translation. Provide a full English translation of any audio.

No translation is needed. Whole audio track includes bird sounds. In the media upload section, the mp3 format audio is added as a compulsory document, but this document is only the 8 hours part of the 24 hours audio track. As the 24 hours audio is exceeded the maximum format size, it could not be added. In the link below, you can find the fully 24 hours audio track.

Please tell us about the cultural insight that inspired the work

Turkey is facing with the danger of becoming a water poor country in a near future. But it's possible to save water equals to a mid-size lake in a year without pre-rinsing or hand washing the dishes. To make the situation more visible and dramatic we established our communication strategy based on dried up lakes of Turkey. Kuyucuk is one of the dried up lakes of Turkey and it was the host of 233 bird species. It was called “Bird Paradise”, that’s why its revival is important for Turkey and especially for the Kuyucuk’s inhabitants.