Product/ServiceNATURAL WATER
Category D05. Cultural Insight
Idea Creation ISD GROUP Kiev, UKRAINE
Media Placement HASHTAG Kiev, UKRAINE
Production ISD GROUP Kiev, UKRAINE
Production 2 HASHTAG Kiev, UKRAINE
Production 3 KA.KA.HA London, UNITED KINGDOM
Post Production KA.KA.HA London, UNITED KINGDOM
Name Company Position
Natalia Revika IDS Borjomi Ukraine Marketing Director
Iryna Lopot IDS Borjomi Ukraine Marketing Manager
Evgenia Mikhaylenko IDS Borjomi Ukraine Brand Manager
Viktor Shkurba [isdgroup] Director of Creative Technology
Nataliya Tachinskaya [isdgroup] Art Director
Mikhael Traverse KA.KA.HA Co-founder, User Experience Director
JOACHIM BENTZ KA.KA.HA Managing Director
Eugene Golovatenko [isdgroup] Сreative Producer
Yuliia Ovcharenko [isdgroup] Copywriter
Svetlana Mironchuk [isdgroup] Account Director
Dariia Andriushchenko [isdgroup] Account Manager
Tania Liubchenko [isdgroup] Account Manager
Anna Shcherbinina [isdgroup] Designer
Katya Sotnichenko [isdgroup] Designer
Olga Varchenko [isdgroup] Designer
Diana Bondarenko [isdgroup] Designer
Nadia Lugovska [isdgroup] Designer
Julia Lybenska [isdgroup] Designer
Svetlana Taborskikh [isdgroup] Media Analytics
Kate Alimova [isdgroup] Media Analytics
Andrew Sergeev KA.KA.HA Technical Director
Alexander Savin [isdgroup] Technical Director

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Write a short summary of what happens in the radio or audio work.

In Voice of Water you hear the voice of Carpathian natural water, that is Morshynska. You hear the music created by water. Water flows, rivers, waterfalls are playing with unique specially crafted musical instruments without any help of humans. Strings, bells, percussions, drums depict the very sound of Ukrainian Carpathian nature. Modern Ukrainian musicians – ONUKA, Dakha Brakha, Kate Chilly, The Maneken – who embody the new generation of Ukrainians, play and sing along the voice of water. Together they create not only the audio identity of the Morshynska brand, but the sound of the new Ukraine. The country after the 2014 Revolution, that is seeking its national 'voice'. That is possible because Ukrainian culture is deeply rooted in Ukranian nature. This is why listening to the music created by natural water gives every Ukrainian goosebumps. It is their heritage that breaks through centuries and uncovers itself through music.

Translation. Provide a full English translation of any audio.

Teche Teche Voda – Flowing Water Flowing Lety melodia chysta – Fly! The pure melody! Lety do samogo mista – Fly to the heart of the city!

Please tell us about the cultural insight that inspired the work

The ‘territory of naturalness’ among Ukrainian water brands is overcrowded. All of them want to be ‘natural’ and barely differ from each other. All of them use the images of green fields, wild rivers and high mountains. But they are all missing the point. Naturalness for Ukrainians is sacred. Ukrainians have always found inspiration in nature and Ukrainian culture is literally saturated with it. Its traditions, spirits, fairy tales all have nature at the core. After the 2014 Revolution of Dignity Ukrainians got rid of the cultural inferiority complex imposed by the Soviet past and tried to rediscover what it's like to be Ukrainian. Millions of Ukrainians reopened national traditions, old customs and folk songs for themselves. They found their roots in Ukrainian culture. The one that has always been tied to nature. By appealing to nature through music Morshynska gave every Ukrainian feel pride for being Ukrainian.