Category B01. Use of Radio & Audio as a Medium
Name Company Position
Emmanuel François-Eugène Hungry and Foolish Creative Director
Stephane Le Frapper Hungry and Foolish Copywriter
Quentin Delachaux Hungry and Foolish Art Director

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Write a short summary of what happens in the radio or audio work.

This track aims to be an ode to sportspeople motivation. Five international tennis legends have recorded their most precious advices for the future generation of players and then it was masterfully remixed into a musical track by the world famous French collective of artists, Bon Entendeur. This is a truly unique opportunity to discover mantras on fighting spirit, stress management or the determination it takes to overcome a setback, all the hurdles that young talents have to deal with on a daily basis but magnified in such an inspiring and evocative way.

Translation. Provide a full English translation of any audio.

For a young player, it’s key to start with a dream, it’s already a great strength. That feeling is the best feeling in the world: when you know you’ve worked hard for something and you finally have accomplished it and you can raise that trophy up over your head…Then you feel like on top of the world! It’s not easy, there’s a tremendous amount of sacrifices, you need to be disciplined and then work will always pay back. Hello, it’s Yannick Noah. Hi, it’s Mary Pierce. This is Martina Navratilova. This is John McEnroe. This is Chris Evert, and you’re listening to “Bon Entendeur”. It’s better to try and fail than not to try at all. And I think that’s very important because sometimes people view losing sometimes in a match’s failure. And I think you can learn a lot from losing and you build character. The most important thing is never to underestimate your opponent, so you’ve got to be ready for a very very tough competitor. The most important thing is to never stop learning. You need to be ready to suffer every day in order to become as best as possible. Things in life always happen for a reason and ultimately for the better. Some people become great champions because they work harder, other people have the great talent. The greatest players that have ever lived combine this great talent with hard work. Give your best no matter what, and then you know exactly where you stand and you have no regrets! The most powerful mantra I heard is that behind every problem, there’s always an opportunity. There are more things to be learned after a defeat than after a victory. If you gonna be a professional tennis player, the one thing that you do have to have, is enjoying what you’re doing.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

BNP Paribas has an enduring commitment of supporting young talents through the BNP Paribas Team. Despite the pandemic crisis that disrupted the world in 2020, the brand didn’t want to pause its engagement in any way, at the contrary. When the Roland-Garros tournament was officially postponed to October, BNP Paris stayed true to its engagement and multiplied initiatives to stay close to the young talents and keep their spirits up during this tough period. For instance, motivational video conferences were organized between personalities of the tennis world and the young talents and this initiative sparked the idea to elevate it to a higher level of inspiration.

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This work exemplifies how creativity can say f*** you to COVID-19 in a truly vibrant way, leveraging the very best a long-lasting relationship between a sponsor and a sport (by unlocking privileged access to tennis icons and their words of wisdom), demonstrating agility in remotely combining various sources from all over the world in a seamless way, totally reinventing how motivational quotes can inspire us through a masterful mix of words and music that beautifully broke the oppressing sound of silence that the pandemic imposed on the world of sports. Our young talents deeply appreciated.