Category D07. Corporate Purpose & Social Responsibility
Idea Creation BBDO BELGIUM Brussels, BELGIUM
Media Placement VIZEUM Brussels, BELGIUM
Production BBDO BELGIUM Brussels, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Arnaud Pitz BBDO Creative Director
Sebastien De Valck BBDO Creative Director
Frederik Clarysse BBDO Associate Creative Director
Tom Jacobs Freelance Creative
Frederik Clarysse BBDO Creative
Tom Jacobs Freelance Creative
Johan Van Oeckel Freelance Creative
Sofie Verstreken BBDO Chief Strategy Officer
Jesse Donkor BBDO Strategist
Lore Desmet BBDO Account Director
Janne Aerts BBDO Account Executive
Lieselot De Fraine BBDO Account Manager
Patricia Van De Kerckhove BBDO Head of RTV
Marlies Neudt Freelance Producer
Eva Segers BBDO Belgium Producer
Mathieu Schots BBDO Belgium Sound Engineer
Neil Skeet BBDO Belgium Video Editor
Tom Nackaerts BBDO Belgium Head of Studio
Lut Van Lombeeck BBDO Belgium Desktop Publisher
Anton Ceuppens BBDO editor

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Write a short summary of what happens in the radio or audio work.

This commercial is aired only in the media space behind car ads on radio. We hear a voice saying: "Cars built with love are to be used with care. Don't drink when you drive. Jupiler." This is a reference to the 27-year old alcohol warning message "Beer brewed with love is to be consumed with care", aired at the end of every beer commercial in Belgium.

Translation. Provide a full English translation of any audio.

"Cars built with love are to be used with care. Don't drink when you drive. Jupiler."

Please tell us how the brand purpose inspired the work

Jupiler is Belgium’s leading beer brand, and also the most stereotypical masculine brand. For over 30 years, Jupiler had been built on the baseline of “Men know why”. This positioning is disputed in society, but at the same time the brand is still very influential among men. In 2019, we all felt that it was time to update that - disputed - positioning, making it more modern. Jupiler now sees its role in society as to “move men forward” in every way possible. Not in a patronizing way, but in a no-nonsense and simple problem-solving way, just like men are themselves. Since 8 out of 10 drivers caught drunk are male, Jupiler wanted to move men forward in that area. Could we move men in finally stop driving when under influence?