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Entrant Company INGO Stockholm, SWEDEN
Advertising Agency INGO Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Björn Ståhl Ingo Ecd/Cd
Josefine Richards Ingo Copywriter
Rikard Holst Ingo Art Director
Marie Klinte Ingo Account Director
Joachim Ewert Ingo Account Executive
Thomas Weigle INGO Planner
Andreas Mandahus Ingo Graphic Designer
Kerstin Engberg Ingo Designer
Marcus Alm Colony Agency Producer
Anna Högkil/Markus Alm Colony Event Producers

Brief Explanation

We built and opened a pop up restaurant in Stockholm. The British two starred Guide Michelin Chef Michael Wignall and his team was in charged of the cooking. The restaurant, named DILL (an anagram of LIDL), was an immediate success. Celebrities and foodies crowded it. What nobody knew was that ALL food that was used in the restaurant was bought at the discount food store Lidl, down to the smallest grain of salt.

The Brief

Lidl is a discount supermarket chain all over Europe. For years Lidl tried to convince Swedish people about the quality in their products. But no one believed them. Low price and quality just don't go together in Sweden which quite a few low price food chains have experienced. Simply telling people that Lidl has high quality wasn't enough, we had to prove it. We realized that in order to counter the prejudice, we had to prove the quality in real life. And we had to do so without revealing that Lidl was actually behind the campaign.

How the final design was conceived

We built the pop up restaurant from scratch in an empty basement area and lots of the interior was designed for this event only, mirroring the spartan, simple, minimalism of the Lidl stores.. The design was simple and rustic, just like the Lidls stores, i.e the champagne was stored in wooden pallets direct from the stores, the Dill name sign was cut out of thick metal. There was need for a chair to the guests but there wasn't any that fulfilled the criteria for Lidl. So we designed our own chair - The Pop-UP chair was born.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

When we revealed that Lidl was behind the restaurant foodies choked on their gourmet grub and all media exploded. National news papers, blogs, even national television talked about this. Dill became twitter subject of the day twice. Consideration tripled from 10% before the campaign to 33% after. Media reach was 24 million after 2 weeks, in a country with 9 million people. The following 4 months was the most profitable since Lidls establishment in Sweden 10 years ago. 2013 ended the first profitable year for Lidl in Sweden ever. And the Pop up chair lives on, being sold in designershops. INGO,