Winners & Shortlists


Bronze Eurobest
Category D02. DRINKS
Entrant Company FORSMAN & BODENFORS Gothenburg, SWEDEN
Advertising Agency FORSMAN & BODENFORS Gothenburg, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Jerk Zander Forsman/Bodenfors Account Supervisor
Britta Malmberg/Erica Berghagen Forsman/Bodenfors Account Manager
Lars Elfman Forsman/Bodenfors Art Director
Martin Ringqvist Forsman/Bodenfors Copywriter
John Schoolcraft Oatly! Copywriter
Christoffer Persson Forsman Bodenfors Designer
Lars Elfman Forsman/Bodenfors Illustrator
Fredrik Persson Perssons Pixlar 3d
Annki Bryhn Jansson Insikt Analys Strategi AB Planner
F/B Factory F/B Factory Original

Brief Explanation

Oatly has a lot to say, but a very limited budget to do so. They are up against the big dairy and soft drink giants. Therefore we decided to treat the package design as the main media channel. That way we were able to promote every single part of Oatly's message to the world, without buying any additional media space.

The Brief

The brief was to redesign a complete product line for Oatly, a small Swedish manufacturer of oat based foods and drinks. The products are completely vegan and really great for both yourself and the planet as a whole. A nutritious alternative to milk without going through the body of a cow. But how could we attract the mainstream audience, not only vegans and people with allergies?

How the final design was conceived

We looked for a design that didn't actually feel designed. More as if Oatly themselves decided to sack the design agency and have a go at it themselves. A home cooked design, but still very attractive and inviting, with a truly generous approach. Not too "smart", but intelligent. The result is somewhere between a punk flyer and a comic book.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

A 30% rise in sales indicate that we really succeeded in reach out to people beyond the vegan and allergic society. Social media and especially Instagram flooded with praises to the design.