Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServicePRO INFIRMIS
Entrant Company JUNG von MATT/LIMMAT Zürich, SWITZERLAND
Advertising Agency JUNG von MATT/LIMMAT Zürich, SWITZERLAND
Name Company Position
Alexander Jaggy Jung Von Matt/Limmat Executive Creative Director
Mateo Sacchetti Jung Von Matt/Limmat Copywriter
Samuel Wicki Jung Von Matt/Limmat Copywriter
Daniel Serrano Jung Von Matt/Limmat Art Director
Lukas Frischknecht Jung Von Matt/Limmat Graphics
Marco Dettling Jung Von Matt/Limmat Account Supervisor
Danijel Sljivo Jung Von Matt/Limmat Account Executive
Roman Meister Jung Von Matt/Limmat Account Executive
Alexander Gligorijevic Jung Von Matt/Limmat Public Relations
Nicole Pauli Jung Von Matt/Limmat Public Relations
Mario Goerres Moch Figuren Manufacturer Mannequins
Michael Kindermann Pumpkin Film Producer

The Brief

Standards and ideals make it difficult for the disabled to be included in society. Both in private and professional contexts. By asking the question “Because who is perfect?” the non-profit organisation Pro Infirmis is drawing public attention to the fact that disabled people should be part of our society everywhere and in every situation in life.

Creative Execution

The deformed mannequins generated a maximum contrast with the conventional standard dimensions of the normal dummies standing next to them.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

The bodies of 5 disabled people were measured precisely to create polished and lacquered window display dummies. On the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, these deformed mannequins were placed in shop windows in Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse, one of the world’s most elegant shopping streets. A documentation explained how the dummies were produced, and carried information about Pro Infirmis.


The campaign successfully fights against the exclusion of disabled by questioning norms – without any paid media. First in Switzerland, now worldwide: In conjunction with the Bahnhofstrasse shops, which allowed the mannequins to appear for longer than planned, there now are several requests (e.g. from New York) to arrange the same event. Short: 16 million Views on youtube More than 50’000 likes More than 40’000 shares Nearly 5’000 comments More than 550 news stations and blogs covered the story worldwide Over 140 million Earned Media Contact Range A local event is becoming a global movement.