Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company DDB PARIS, FRANCE
Advertising Agency DDB PARIS, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Alexandre Hervé Ddb Paris Executive Creative Director
Alexis Benbehe Ddb Paris Art Director/Copywriter
Pierre Mathonat DDB Paris Art Director/Copywriter
Julien Bon DDB Paris Copywriter
Gautier Farge DDB Paris Copywriter
Laurence Cantie Ddb Copywriter
Xavier Mendiola DDB Paris Account Director
Sylvie Dumas DDB Paris Post Producer
Axel Renaudin Greenpeace Advertiser Supervisor

The Brief

Greenpeace wanted to raise awareness with a young and connected audience about the future of our planet. Greenpeace is naturally respected and trusted, but young audiences are not familiar with the causes they stand for. They know the name, not the aim. We had to interest them in the Greenpeace and engage them to fight in our cause. We decided to target people who illegally download movies over the net, asking them to reinvest a part of the money they saved to help Greenpeace. This particular community tends to distrust traditional mediums like TV, outdoor or digital banners, so we had to surprise them in a way communication never did before.

Creative Execution

79% of the Y-Z generation people illegally download movies on a daily basis. We know that in France, most torrent users download movies in original version with French Subtitles. This is due to the small amount of French people speaking the language of Jay-Z. From that point, it made sense to use the subtitles as support for our message. Only one organization can allow itself to pass a message in a pirate file platform and gain respect for this : Greenpeace. The execution of hijacking torrents is a form of modern day protest and piracy that reminds of how historically Greenpeace were never afraid to take a risk in the name of nature.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

We decided to take 15 blockbusters, and to alter the subtitles of a short scene in each one. This way, Greenpeace took the stage in the middle of epic, heroic shows to talk about the true heroes fighting outside, for the good of Earth. We used these movies as mediums, and the biggest torrent platforms became our broadcasting platforms. It was an efficient and never seen before way to hook the young pirates when they are the most responsive, talking to them using their own tools. Moreover, due to the way torrents work, every person who downloaded one of those files helped Greenpeace to seed and broadcast their message by giving their own bandwidth to the torrent.


Our real goal, more than supporting a new kind of fundraising campaign, was to expand Greenpeace's audience. Each movie, all formats included, was downloaded between 26 000 and 42 000 times with an average of 30 000. A total of more than 500 000 downloads all in all, and still growing. Some regular torrent uploaders started to share our versions of the movies, for a few, those movies became collector editions, and the game was to get the whole collection. The strength of the project was that it could have been the work of any Greenpeace supporter, anywhere in the world, for zero cost. In the end, we managed to increase new Facebook fans number and Twitter followers by 25%.