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Silver Eurobest

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Presentation Board

Entrant Company SAATCHI & SAATCHI Oslo, NORWAY
Advertising Agency SAATCHI & SAATCHI Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Kristoffer Reppen Saatchi/Saatchi Norway Creative Director
Ida Fjeldbraaten Saatchi/Saatchi Norway Copywriter
Øyvind Waage Saatchi/Saatchi Norway Executive Creative Director
Snorre Martinsen Saatchi/Saatchi Norway Senior Creative/Art Director
Christopher Køltzow Saatchi/Saatchi Norway Digital Creative
Ola Bagge Skar Saatchi/Saatchi Norway Art Director
Mads Rønold Saatchi/Saatchi Norway Communications Manager
Haagen Sæther/Larsen Saatchi/Saatchi Norway Account Director
Magnhild Foldøy Saatchi/Saatchi Norway Account Manager
Nanna Skipper Grønli Saatchi/Saatchi Norway Account Manager
Patrik Bergfjord Saatchi/Saatchi Norway Planner
Rune Sandnes Saatchi/Saatchi Norway Head Of Tecnology/Producer
Linus Hjellström Saatchi/Saatchi Norway Art Director
Sølvsuper AS Additional company
Både og Additional company

The Brief

Toyota hybrid owners are Norway’s most loyal and satisfied car owners, but attracting new customers has been a challenge. Forget about car salesmen for a moment. What if people could experience Hybrids with the most satisfied car drivers in Norway? Or even better: with someone they know and trust?

Creative Execution

This completely new approach generated a lot of publicity. So then, head of PR at Toyota, challenged one of Norway’s biggest radio shows - with a hybrid sceptic show host – to Try his hybrid. Five days later the entire show was broadcasted live from a Prius. Try my hybrid is about much more than test-drives. It shows that when a brand dares let go, their customers can be their greatest vehicles of communication.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Before launch, we recruited a base of hybrid owners all over Norway through Toyota’s Facebook page, so proud of their cars that they, without pay, volunteered to let strangers, friends and neighbors test drive their cars. Selected owners were the faces and voices of the campaign locally and nationally when we kicked off. On the campaign site you could find Hybrid owners close to where you live. And logging in with Facebook, allowed you to find friends - and friends of friends, who's hybrid you could test drive.


Letting strangers test-drive your car is asking a lot. Still we doubled our goal of 150 owners. In little Norway, 300 owners covered most of the country. Both geographically, and socially on Facebook (friends and friends of friends). 1/3 of the Norwegian population remember the campaign. 1,300 test-drive sign-ups. 10x the average of test-drive signups on in the same period. One of Norway's biggets radio shows signed up and broadcasted the show live from a Prius. 55+ newspapers ran the story. This January, Auris outsold the category leader VW Golf for the fist time.