Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company BBDO GERMANY Düsseldorf, GERMANY
Advertising Agency BBDO GERMANY Düsseldorf, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Wolfgang Schneider BBDO Germany Gmbh Chief Creative Officer
Sebastian Hardieck/Kristoffer Heilemann/Darren Richardson BBDO Düsseldorf Gmbh Creative Managing Directors
Carsten Bolk BBDO Düsseldorf Gmbh Executive Creative Director
Fabian Pensel/Tatjana Genin BBDO Düsseldorf Gmbh Art Directors
Ramón Scheffer BBDO Düsseldorf Gmbh Copywriter
Sonja Struss BBDO Düsseldorf Gmbh Account Director
Franziska Nessel BBDO Düsseldorf Gmbh Junior Account Manager
Steffen Gentis Craftwork Producer
Kathrin Rybaczyk Nhb Studios Düsseldorf Gmbh Producer
Joep Beving/Mr. Zee/Auxiliary The Masterfader Massive Music Amsterdam
Aleksander Rynkowski/André Sudradjat Nhb Studios Düsseldorf Gmbh Sound Design
Tom Zahner Voice Over
Marius Sytwala Sytwala TV Director Of Photography
Kevin Krefta Craftwork Director Of Photography
Till Markull/Alexander Link Craftwork Editors
Christian Wallmeier/Markus Pchalek/Ralf Hietel/Benjamin Jürgens/Johannes Müller/ Visual Effects
Christian Wallmeier/Timo Wilke Animation
Ketchum Pleon Gmbh/Frankfurt Public Relations Department

The Brief

Entlebuch is Switzerland’s first UNESCO Biosphere. Which guarantees a sustainable living and protects the nature of the valley for the next 50, 500, even 5000 years. How can we make this sustainable promise famous in and out of Switzerland and make potentially new tourists aware of Entlebuch?

Creative Execution

Sustainability is not very much of a topic to create an exciting idea of. It is pretty much a topic of low interest and people consider it as boring and bleak. What people find really exciting and funny on the other hand are aliens. So we decided to use a topic of high interest to tell a low interest story.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

A 24 hours long invitation to visitors from outer space. Broadcasted by one of Europe’s biggest radio telescopes. The invitation included typical Swiss yodel singing, alphorn music, sounds and smells of the region and a reading of the entire Entlebuch chronicles. As soon as the Entlebuch message was send into space, the international news coverage created a buzz about airfields, possible shelter and how aliens would pay. Making Entlebuch a number one news topic. So even if the answer from space is pending everyone in Entlebuch is certain: The message has arrived.


Before the message was broadcasted into space, we invited everybody in the Entlebuch valley to become a part of it. For four days, the people of Entlebuch had the chance to welcome the aliens. Two fully equipped camera teams were available to record every greeting. Posters around the area raised awareness and encouraged the people to take part. Many people followed the invitation and send in their pictures, videos, greetings that became part of the Entlebuch message.