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Entrant Company SERVICEPLAN Munich, GERMANY
Advertising Agency SERVICEPLAN Munich, GERMANY
Advertising Agency 2 SERVICEPLAN ITALIA Milan, ITALY
Production Company NEVEREST Munich, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Alexander Schill Serviceplan Chief Creative Officer
Salvatore Giuliana Serviceplan Italia Executive Creative Director
Giuliana Guizzi Serviceplan Italia Executive Creative Director
Christoph Everke Serviceplan Creative Director
Alexander Nagel Serviceplan Creative Director
Moritz Dornig Serviceplan Copywriter
Silvia Kirchknopf Serviceplan Art Director
Yvonne Hopf Serviceplan Account Director
Hella Hegenbarth Serviceplan Account Director
Arianna Davighi Serviceplan Italia Account Director
Doriana Siracusano Serviceplan Italia Account Director
Marina Minini Serviceplan Italia Graphic Designer
Patrick They Freelancer Illustrator
Carina Kloepfel Neverest Agency Producer
Katy Pergelt Serviceplan Agency Producer
Diletta Di Munno Serviceplan Italia Online
Laura Giuntoni Serviceplan Italia Online
Robert Csakvari Neverest Animation

The Brief

We were asked to promote Humana’s new Instagram account. At the same time, the promotion should provide extra value for the customers. And the campaign should fit to the client, of course. The audience consisted of parents that either already were Humana’s customers or not – it was directed at anybody with little children. Our strategy was to make people contribute to our Instagram account by giving them something in return. Not only one of our products but also an additional value. In our case, that had to be something educationally valuable for the children: Our Milk-Monsters.

Creative Execution

Humana products help children develop healthily. To help Humana’s Instagram account grow healthily, we sent out gifts to people who uploaded pictures to the account – gifts providing extra-value for children’s development. Why? Because Humana does more for children – even through their packaging. And that is what the people who got our Milk-Monsters passed on.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Playing with simple shapes and colors helps children develop cognitive intelligence. That’s why each of the contributors to our Instagram account received six packages of milk that carried real extra value: the Humana Milk-Monsters. They were printed on the inside of the packages and could simply be folded inside out. The attached mailing served as a thank-you-note, a constructional manual and as request to upload further photos of children playing with our Milk-Monsters. This way, we could show even more people how our products help children – from the inside and out. And we successfully promoted Humana’s Instagram account.


With our direct mailing we were able to successfully promote Humana’s Instagram account and at the same time helped many children with their development. This way, we also supported the brand Humana itself, because so many people uploaded pictures of their children playing with our packages.