Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company CLM BBDO Boulogne-Billancourt, FRANCE
Advertising Agency CLM BBDO Boulogne-Billancourt, FRANCE
Production Company FRENZY Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Benjamin Marchal/Olivier Lefebvre/Matthieu Elkaim CLM BBDO Executive Creative Director
Kevin Salembier CLM BBDO Copywriter
Julien Boissinot CLM BBDO Art Director
Jacques Fouche/Thomas Laurent CLM BBDO Agency Producer
Anthony Hammelle CLM BBDO Deputy Managing Director
Pierre Deshayes CLM BBDO Case Study Edit
Lauren Weber/Amelie Juillet CLM BBDO Pr
Christina Murray/Jinjur Van Vogelpoel CLM BBDO Additional Credits
Willy Morence FRENZY PARIS Producer
Casper Balsley FRENZY PARIS Director
Niels Tasthum FRENZY PARIS Director Of Photography
John Hammarström ACNE PRODUCTION Interactive Director
Svante Hellberg ACNE PRODUCTION Technical Director
William Ekholm/Magnus Strandh ACNE PRODUCTION Developers
Magdalena Piwowoz ACNE PRODUCTION Project Manager
Charlotta Jönsson ACNE PRODUCTION Executive Producer
Sophie San FIRM Post Production
Jonathan Michaut/Anne Szymkowiak FIRM Edit/Grading
Vincent Boivin ARTISTA SONY MUSIC Managing Director
Frederic Monvoisin ALL YOU NEED IS SONGS Publishing

The Brief

Recently signed to SONY music, french musician ALB is back with his new single WHISPERS. The story of a magnetic girl, that at first glance has invaded her teacher’s mind like a virus and disturbed his entire life. To promote this intrusive adulterous love affair, in a music industry already saturated with music videos, ALB has decided to offer the audience a unique immersive and interactive experience.

Creative Execution

In a music industry already saturated with classic music videos, creating such an immersive experience which personally involves each viewer, is a good way to promote an emerging artist like ALB. By going through the story on their computers, people were able to directly interact with the music video character. By answering one of her many emails landing in their inbox, by texting her phone number, or interacting with her on social media. The WHISPERS story even proposes the audience to look for physical clues of the relationship, in various locations throughout Paris. Leading to exclusive content from ALB.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

ALB came up with the first TROJAN HORSE MUSIC VIDEO ever invented. A true trojan horse virus hacking your computer while watching the music video and immersing yourself into a forbidden relationship with this magnetic girl, thanks to tons of evidence placed in your computer. Photos left on your desktop. Weeks of emails correspondence inserted in your inbox. Calendar packed with secret rendez-vous. Screensavers hijacked, surprise print outs… This girl is haunting both your entire digital space and your mind. You are now part of that story happening directly on your computer, and able to interact with this fictional character.


Sprinkled with content by the artist ALB, the WHISPERS love affair has been experienced by more than a hundred countries throughout the world. Launched with a 0€ media plan, has triggered an instant worldwide response from the audience, directly in the girl character’s inbox, phone, and Facebook profile. Average time spent in interaction with the experience: 14 minutes per viewer. ALB has seen his name featured in the major worldwide musical media, such as: NME, MTV, PROMONEWS, VIDEOSTATIC, TSUGI… Millions of people own today the song in their Itunes, placed here for free by the Trojan horse music video.