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Product/ServiceTOYOTA HYBRID
Entrant Company SAATCHI & SAATCHI Copenhagen, DENMARK
Advertising Agency SAATCHI & SAATCHI Copenhagen, DENMARK
Media Agency MEDIABROKER Copenhagen, DENMARK
Production Company SEARCUS Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Jason Mendes Saatchi/Saatchi Nordics Executive Creative Director
Regner Lotz Saatchi/Saatchi Nordics Creative
Jesper Isholm Saatchi/Saatchi Nordics Creative
Rikke Wichmann Bruun Saatchi/Saatchi DK Account Director
Jacob Hagemann Searcus Technique
Neela Menik Wedage Saatchi/Saatchi DK Editor/Animation
Camilla Berlick Saatchi/Saatchi DK Editor/Animation
Martin Gjerløff Saatchi/Saatchi DK Strategic Director
Diana Wellendorf Saatchi/Saatchi DK Account Manager

The Brief

The brief was to use Toyota Hybrid's USP's to raise awareness of Toyota's innovative Hybrid technology in Denmark and drive Traffic to,dk. With a very tight budget. The target audience was drawn from predominately new users. Agency Insight: Today, most people start their search for a new car online, so that's were we started. Agency Idea: With so many unique USP'S, when it comes to Hybrid, there should only be one choice. Toyota.

Creative Execution

It was relevant because people start their search for new cars online, no where else ... and because we added a digital element to the campaign we drove people directly to where they begin, on google, making our point right before their eyes and controlling where the went from there. It's appropriate because a digital platform is the most technologically advanced medium in advertising, by playing with that and using it to our advantage, it sat comfortably with one of the most technologically advanced cars in the world. And using google this way, to our knowledge, has never been done before.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

We Googled exact sentences about hybrid cars that would produce 0 results. Then we constructed unique Toyota web pages containing these exact sentences allowing Google to automatically index them. Now there was only one result. Toyota Hybrid. We then used small space print ads and banner ads inviting people search Google for our sentences. We had to run new headlines every two days as lots of people, not only went to Toyota Hybrid but started blogging about the campaign, thus creating more than one result. By running a new headline every two days we were able to stay ahead of Google's automatic indexing and maintain only one result when our newspaper ads ran.


The audience responded rather favourably - traffic to Toyota's Hybrid site was up, on average, 294% ... and up almost 100% in sales during the campaign period. For a tiny budget that was a remarkable return.