Winners & Shortlists

BMW 500K

TitleBMW 500K
Entrant Company BCUBE Milan, ITALY
Advertising Agency BCUBE Milan, ITALY
Name Company Position
Sergio Spaccavento Bcube Executive Creative Director
Aureliano Fontana Bcube Associate Creative Director
Bruno Vohwinkel Bcube Associate Creative Director
Enrico Pasquino Bcube Copywriter
Giovanni Greco Bcube Art Director
E3 E3 Web Agency
Pamela Paratico Bcube Account Director
Giorgia Benetti Bcube Account Executive
Melina Pente Bcube Account Executive
Elena Rigoni Bmw Client
Corinna Pogliana Bmw Client

The Brief

On September 2nd 2013 BMW Italy Facebook page reached its 500.000 fans. BMW Italy asked us to think to an idea to create and enhance the relation between BMW Italy and all its fans, through the celebration of this important target.

Creative Execution

The creative execution was relevant for our client for two reasons. Firstly because we used Facebook, and the product was BMW Italy Facebook page. On the second hand, we need to contact directly every fans and, dedicating to each of them one meter of the road, we reached perfectly our aim.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

To thanks all the fans we dedicated to each one of them a real meter of road, the one long 500.000 meters, that is in between the BMW HQ in Munich and the main office of BMW Italy in Milan. We set up on a BMW a camera programmed to shoot a photo at any driven meter. Every photo was then associated to a single Facebook fan, personalized with a thank you message from BMW and then sent to the fan. And to conclude we did select the best pictures and organized a show dedicated to the top fans. But most of all, each single member of our community felt as a fundamental part of the road we’ve done together.


Our best achievable, result was to thank each fan. We reached it and did more. Infact we did involve our 500.000 fans one by one and increased the Facebook page visits of 13% in just one week.