Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company CHEIL SPAIN Madrid, SPAIN
Advertising Agency CHEIL SPAIN Madrid, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Paulo Areas Cheil Iberia Executive Creative Director
Alvaro Rodriguez Cheil Iberia Creative Director
Ricardo De Santiago Cheil Iberia Creative Director
Jose Venditti Cheil Iberia Creative Technologist
Isaac Maroto Cheil Iberia Creative Technologist
Roberto Torres Cheil Iberia Technology Director

The Brief

In a moment where crisis is killing the Rock in Spain, Ibanez, one of the biggest guitar brands in the world, wanted to support the Rock lovers, and give them the strength to stick to what they believe: Rock.

Creative Execution

At the moment of the delivery, the musician got along with the surprise of having his guitar back, a letter from Ibanez with the message Never give up on rock, and a QR code drove the musicians to Ibanez Facebook Page, where they could see their pictures and videos (took from the web) on our “hall of fame” page. This tribute was the perfect social content, so these musicians could use their voice on social network, and spread this important message to more and more people on Spanish music scenario: Never give up on rock.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Searching on the web, we realized that hundreds of second hand Ibanez guitars were on sale. Many because personal or financial issues. So we called these people, to know whom they were, and among the hundreds, we found a few that had the rock inside, and were suffering from selling their guitars.And used this info as the insight to act. So anonymously we bought some of these second hand guitars that were on sale, but we had a plan: deliver it back to them on a special mail weeks later, with the brand message, never give up on rock


With the prize of only 15 used guitars, we were able to reach a broad target on the Spanish music scenario. In a moment where brands are trying desperately to sell their products, but also their souls, we not only kept ours, but brought a lot of consumers to our brand through social media where the number of likes went up 20% in just a few weeks, and the number of "fans" went up 30% in just a few weeks, and through social network we´ve increased traffic in our website by 20%.