Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company LOWE BRINDFORS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Advertising Agency LOWE BRINDFORS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Magnus Wretblad Lowe Brindfors Account Director
Sofia Jönsson Lowe Brindfors Executive Digital Producer
Tobias Löfgren Lowe Brindfors Technical Producer
Carl Ronnander Lowe Brindfors Planner
Petter Lublin Lowe Brindfors Art Director
Rikard Linder Lowe Brindfors Art Director
Martin Bartholf Lowe Brindfors Copywriter
Noel Pretorius Lowe Brindfors Graphic Designer
Patrik Oscarsson Lowe Brindfors Final Art
Acne Production Acne Production Production Website
Nådde Hansson Director
Erik Sohlström Dop
Anna Tanser Producer
Max Kiussalaas Music

The Brief

The most common cause of death for young people in Sweden is suicide. In most of those suicides bullying is a key factor. Friends is an anti-bullying organisation and wanted us to put a spotlight on an issue that society was ignoring. Through our direct campaign we wanted to put the topic on the public agenda, but more concretely get politicians and opinion leaders to support Friends demand that every school should have at least one welfare officer, an extremely important figure that can prevent bullying in the school environment.

Creative Execution

Every person who has been bullied has a story to tell. Never is that story more horrible than when the outcome is that someone ends their life prematurely. By telling a authentic story we show that the problem is real.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

How could we make the politicans act? By making it personal. One person behind the suicide statistic is Måns. Only 13 years old, he commited suicide after being bullied. During his short life Måns was a passionate writer. With the permission of his family we gathered notes, scribbles and school books and scanned them, turning Måns handwriting into a very unique typeface. A typeface that gave a whole new meaning and power to Friends message. The campaign started with personal letters in Måns handwriting to the leaders in the Swedish parliament.


Friends reached their goal of putting bullying on the political agenda. Our letter to politicians resulted in two of the eight parties in the Parliament actually included Friends demand for more welfare officers in their program for the 2014 election. So two out of five letters were extremely sucessful. The reality of bullying and it’s consequences was adressed on national television. We really managed to put bullying and suicide in the spotlight and hopefully prevent that less of the good die young.