Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company TBWA\PARIS, FRANCE
Advertising Agency TBWA\PARIS, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Xavier Royaux Mcdonald's Vice President Marketing France
David Leclabart TBWA PARIS General Manager
Hugues Cholez/Franck Botbol TBWA PARIS Creative Directors
Mohamed Bareche TBWA PARIS Art Director
Daniel Perez TBWA PARIS Copywriter
Mattheo Pressmar/Bertrand Regnier Vigouroux TBWA PARIS Account Managers
Christophe Moiroud TBWA PARIS Strategic Planner
Timothée Loizeau Mcdonald's Brand Manager
Berangere Dubuc/Jean Guillaume Bertola Mcdonald's Product Manager

The Brief

Bad customer service when we're eating out is always a drag. But nothing beats driving away with your bag from a fast-food pickup window and discovering when you get home that your order is wrong. If McDonald's is one of the most error-free chain, you still have a one in 10 chance your order will be wrong. Clients are not only unhappy with these errors; they have the unpleasant feeling that they always occur in the same direction. In this context, how to limit discontent and turn this customer nightmare into an opportunity to nurture the relationship with the brand?

Creative Execution

It is quite impossible for a chain like McDonald's to drastically reduce the number of order errors. On the other hand, a one in 10 chance your order will be wrong is still pretty bad odds. To radically change the brand perception, McDonald's has to assume its errors and to act generously with its customers. The best solution was to turn a possible bad experience into a good surprise.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Our idea to change this perception of an unfair relationship: to commit knowingly errors in favor of our customers. In one in 10 order will be added a free product – a French fries, a burger or a drink – in a craft paper bag that customers will discover when they get home. The message: 'despite allour efforts, we sometimes forget something. To be forgiven we decide to make errors in your favor.'


Results: - 300 000 products offered the 1st week, around 43 000 products offered a day. - 1 product offered in 1 order over 6 (Drive or Instore). source BAM - Satisfaction rate: 80% - Revisit Intention: 73% - Likeability: 85% source Ipsos InnoQuest