Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company TRY/APT/POL Oslo, NORWAY
Advertising Agency TRY/APT/POL Oslo, NORWAY
Media Agency OMD NORWAY Oslo, NORWAY
Production Company ANTI Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Øystein Halvorsen TRY/Apt/POL Copywriter
Bjørnar Buxrud TRY/Apt/POL Copywriter
Karin Lund TRY/Apt/POL Ad
Torkild Jarnholt TRY/Apt/POL Copywriter
Dennis Tönnkvist TRY/Apt/POL Ad
Linda Kling TRY/Apt/POL Account Supervisor
Cecilie Thue TRY/Apt/POL Account Manager
Linda Tillier TRY/Apt/POL Project Manager
Niels Windfeldt Antimedia Director
Andreas Braaten Antimedia Producer
Magnus Thulin Rabagast Line Producer
Simen Lysebo TRY/Apt/POL Flash Developer
Chrisopher Aalholm TRY/Apt/POL Flash Developer
Rickard Roslund TRY/Apt/POL Designer
Thomas Bråten TRY/Apt/POL Designer
Jcp Jcp Event Coordinator
George Lundberg Air Ballon Consultant

The Brief

Solo, Norway´s national soft drink, wanted to Celebrate it´s 80 years anniversary. The soft drink and the merchandises (caps, sun glasses, sweathers, etc), are very popular in Norway. The target group was people already drinking the soda, but not as often as we´d like. Many of them had forgotten the national soda. It was in the shadow of Coca Cola and Fanta. The client wanted to engage people in a whole new way, to interact with them and give something back. In other words: They wanted a big birthday party. And big it was…

Creative Execution

When you have a birthday, you must have balloon. And since this is a big occasion, the balloon had to be big. Last year Solo had a campaign where we launched the world´s largest message in a bottle. So the fans are expecting something big from this brand. In Norway there is not a big tradition for hot air balloons (A lot of wind and rain). So a big ballon it self attracts a lot of attention. So you can imagine the attention a 150-foot, bottle shaped balloon would get...

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

We created the world´s largest birthday balloon, carrying a lot of soda and merchandise. People could sign up for a visit on and even hit the “down button” whenever they saw it flying. We wanted a flying object like this to create a lot of buzz in social media, and especially on Instagram which is very popular in the target group. We also hoped that many would go to the website and apply for a visit front the gift-giving balloon.


A lot of attention. Over 110 000 stories shared in social media. 300.000 unique visitors at and 50.000 people cried out for a visit. Campaign awareness: 87% Volume sales: + 5,4% (volume share: 1pp). Top of mind: 9% (+6 percentage points)! Solo was after the campaign the No1 brand in category orange soft drink and also No1 in non-cola ahead of Fanta. The campaign has increased purchase probability and popularity to the brand, and Solo, with Coca Cola Zero, are the only brands that has increases the sales in a soda market in decline.