Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company TRY/APT/POL Oslo, NORWAY
Advertising Agency TRY/APT/POL Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Bård Rostrup Gabrielsen TRY/Apt/POL Creative
Maja Folgerø TRY/Apt/POL Creative
Sindre Fosse Rosness TRY/Apt/POL Art Director
Erik Winn TRY/Apt/POL Art Director
Kristin Berge Jahr TRY/Apt/POL Account Manager
Linda Kling TRY/Apt/POL Account Director
Simen Lysebo TRY/Apt/POL Flash Developer
Thomas Lein TRY/Apt/POL Flash Developer
Lisa Canneaux TRY/Apt/POL Account Manager Apt
Roy Kristoffersen TRY/Apt/POL Motion Graphics

The Brief

Every 3rd second an area the size of a football field is destroyed in the rainforest. It will never grow back. With a $0 budget, we were asked to engage a new audience during the Brazil World Cup and save 10 000 football fields. Well, the sport crowd don't care much about deforestation: They do when a football player cuts his hair. Ironic, since "hair grows back – the rainforest won’t.” So we created a look of our own: The Rainforest Cut. Giving both fans and our (lousy) national football team the opportunity to make a difference in Brazil.

Creative Execution

Chopping the hair off famous football players gave us the opportunity to talk about what else is chopped down - the rainforest and all the species and people that live there. As our national team didn't qualify to the World Cup, they grabbed the opportunity to “make a difference in Brazil", and said yes to kickstart the stunt and get the haircut. Soon many more iconic players and football legends followed, and the rainforest issue became a natural part of the World Cup-coverage in media. Not just reaching the environmentalists that already know about the deforestation, but even sports jocks.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

The Rainforest Cut was launched by national team players who got the haircut. Media started talking about it, and soon the country's biggest hair salon joined in. Which meant anyone could be an ambassador and get the haircut, as long as they donated to the rainforest. A pop-up salon at the nation's biggest World Cup event was opened, and football icons agreed to cut their hair when milestones were reached. A countdown on showed "who's next", and how many donations were missing. Luckily, all players said the same when media came running: "Hair grows back - the rainforest won't."


- 130 hair salons offered the Rainforest Cut countrywide. - Pop-up salon at the country’s biggest World Cup-event. - Live haircuts of football icons on late night TV, in the breaks between World Cup matches and on the news. - An hour long documentary from the rainforest was made and aired primetime during the WC. - 90 % of the donations came from people that had never interacted with or donated to the Rainforest Foundation before. - 15 000 football fields of rainforest saved via sms. That’s the entire Kaxinava indian tribe territory. Not $1 dollar was spent in media.