Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company GRAPE Moscow, RUSSIA
Advertising Agency GRAPE Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Vsevolod Navashin Grape Art Director
Vladimir Garev Grape Creative Director
Alexander Stogov Grape Design Director
Artem Tsaregorodtsev Grape Copywriter
Anton Kopylov Grape Producer
Victor Molodtsov  Grape Photographer

The Brief

Digital marketing conference is the biggest event for digital marketing professionals in Russia. However, people are not willing to pay for participating in such conferences because they are simply fed up with so called “local celebrities” or speakers with the same reports repeated conference by conference. To highlight that remarkable fact that only foreign speakers are invites we asked the leading professionals to take part in our ironic photo session. Popular marketing specialists became targets of our campaign showing that they have no chance to participate in DMC as this year only foreign experts are going to be invited.

Creative Execution

One morning Facebook profile pictures of ten leading professionals in the Russian digital market changed. At the same time strange banners appeared on the most popular marketing websites and information platforms. They all led to the page featuring the most popular speakers of the industry with a slogan “Choose a target!”. The user chose the speaker and took revenge - we literally gagged all that annoying “celebrities” to give the floor to foreign speakers this year. The most appropriate way to convince people buy a ticket to the conference was to promise them that it will be worth of it, being ironic instead of being pathetic.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

The main difference about DMC 2013 was inviting only foreign speakers. That is why our main goal was to stress the uniqueness of DMC, it's completely different professional level among the variety of russian marketing events. That is why solution was to make an ironic photo session under which known leaders of Russian digital industry acted as models. Creative directors, owners of advertising agencies and well-known marketing specialists became targets of our campaign showing that they have no chance to participate in DMC 2013 as this year only foreign experts are invited.


DMC always was a reputable conference, but it never was as popular as we wanted it to be. Last year with a 0 dollar spent on media we had more than 900 participants and an increase in the ticket sales by 90% because of the campaign. These results let us reach the reputation of the most significant marketing event in Russia.