Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Entrant Company ANR BBDO Stockholm, SWEDEN
Advertising Agency ANR BBDO Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Agency ADON Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production Company B-REEL Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Stephanie Moradi ANR BBDO Copywriter
Fredrik Broander ANR BBDO Art Director
Maria Sandberg ANR BBDO Account Director
Andreas Lönn ANR BBDO Creative Director
Pontus Karlsson ANR BBDO Account Executive
Anna Jensen ANR BBDO Planner
Jacqueline Nyman ANR BBDO Production Manager
Linda Ulving ANR BBDO Production Manager
Tom Malmros B/Reel Director
Rikard Åström B/Reel Producer
Avantime Additional company

The Brief

TCO, a trade union organisation in Sweden, wanted increase awareness about the Swedish Model among tomorrow's decision makers. A collaboration between employers and unions that agree on the best conditions on the labour market. Conditions that are often taken for granted. Though, we’re never so prone to spread the word when they're mentioned in New York Times. So we built the campaign on the insight that only the richest in other countries can enjoy the same benefits that Swedes do. And to get them intrigued, we created an American who’d found a new way of living - Like a Swede.

Creative Execution

We needed to raise awareness of something as bureaucratic, dull and gray as working conditions on the labour market in Sweden. Because in order for the Swedish Model to work in the future as well, there has to be people continuously developing it. And that also means knowing what it is and supporting it. But instead of talking about the dull and gray stuff, we talked about what all Swedes actually like but didn't know were the results from the model - the benefits. Something that is impossible to resist and not support.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Our target audience is an updated group of young journalists, politicians and influencers that are frequent users of social media. By premiering the film on YouTube, and investing a majority of the sparse media budget on social video marketing including Twitter, we opened up Like a Swede for digital spread, dialogue and debate. We defined comments, likes and especially shares on social media as our main response mechanism. Direct actions which would raise awareness. And the call to action was simple - Become a sponsor and support the model, simply by sharing it.


The awareness of the Swedish Model increased by 100% (goal: 30%), the earned media value was 1000% higher than invested and over 42.000 people had actively become a sponsor for the model (goal: 10.000). For the first time ever, TCO's president got to personally meet ALL (goal: 50%) of the Presidents of the political youth parties and discuss how the Swedish model can continue to give us the best working conditions. Like a Swede became the most shared commercial in Sweden within 24 hours after launch, generating 600 000+ views, 110 000+ social actions and was spread across 221 countries.