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Bronze Eurobest

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Presentation Board

Entrant Company KOLLE REBBE Hamburg, GERMANY
Advertising Agency KOLLE REBBE Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Sascha Hanke Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Executive Creative Director
Rolf Leger Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Unit Creative Director
Oliver Ramm Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Unit Creative Director
Jan Kowalsky Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Account Supervisor
Britta Kronacher Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Account Manager
Nadine Nolting Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Art Director
Sarah Sommer Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Copywriter
Felix Zielke Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Interactive Developement
Sven Hoffmann Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Interactive Developement
Kathrin Kleyh Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Agency Producer
Alexander Hildenberg Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Agency Producer
Katja Sluyter Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Art Buying
Martin Lühe Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Production Manager
Anne Schmücker Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Final Artwork
Jens Raddatz Production
Patrice Lange Waldmann Solar Photographer/Sequences
Alexander Steinhoff Virus@infected Postproduction Gmbh Producer
Christoph Gemeinholzer Harvest Digital Agriculture Post Production/Online Finishing
Andreas Coutsoumbelis Harvest Digital Agriculture Post Production/Post Producer
Dennis Wieck Harvest Digital Agriculture Post Production/Color Grading

The Brief

Since 1958, the relief organisation MISEREOR has been supporting people through self-help initiatives around the world. In the battle against poverty and injustice, every single euro counts, yet donation fatigue is setting in. How can we remind people that even a small donation can have a big impact in a way that is both entertaining and innovative?

Creative Execution

A single credit card swipe through the poster donates EUR 2 to MISEREOR and triggers an interactive experience: the credit card cuts through the image of bound hands of an imprisoned Filipino child, helping him to return to a normal life. Another scenario enables you to provide the daily meal for a family in Peru: swiping the credit card cuts a slice of bread from a loaf.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

To increase people’s willingness to give, we made the donation process easier than ever. We developed the first interactive donation poster that accepts one of the most popular means of payment in the world: the credit card.


Thanks to the digital posters with just a single motif, over EUR 3,000 were raised at international airports in the first month only. We made sure our posters stayed in people’s mind longer: when those who gave received their credit card bill, they were invited to turn their one-time donation into a monthly gift. Compared with the same period last year, the number of givers making three or more subsequent donations rose by 23%.