Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company KOLLE REBBE Hamburg, GERMANY
Advertising Agency KOLLE REBBE Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Sascha Hanke Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Executive Creative Director
Rolf Leger Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Unit Creative Director
Oliver Ramm Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Unit Creative Director
André Martens Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Account Manager
Britta Kronacher Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Account Manager
Matthias Grotter Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Art Director
Benjamin Beck Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Art Director
Max Wort Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Copywriter
Amy Werblin Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Copywriter
Martin Lühe Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Production Manager
Davor Brkan Kolle Rebbe Gmbh Art Buying
Julia Weikinn Illustrator
Carsten Görling Kelly Kellerhof Photographer
Kathrin Kuhrau Production
Thomas Zwang Buchbinderei Zwang Gmbh Production

The Brief

Each year as part of the Bread & Butter trade show in Berlin, MUSTANG hosts an exclusive "Dinner for Friends". This year's invitations needed to personally appeal to each of the 25 recipients and leave a lasting impression. It highlighted both the long, successful history of MUSTANG JEANS and the brand’s innovative spirit.

Creative Execution

EPIC DENIM is the first book you can read and wear. It is a personal invitation individually tailored meticulously to each recipient. MUSTANG has a tradition of innovative thinking and this book told the brand’s impressive story using a it tells the MUSTANG story in an ideal new medium.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

The idea was simple: a wearable book. Page by page, leg by leg, a continuous thread tells the MUSTANG story with stitched illustrations and texts. A pair of jeans was stitched into a 10-page book, each copy individually tailored to its recipient’s size and included a stitched portrait. The end of the book invites guests to a celebration of recent MUSTANG successes and, unbound, becomes the perfect outfit for the party. One snip of the binding and the customised book becomes a perfectly tailored pair of jeans.


The “Dinner for Friends” was a major success and some guests actually wore the first wearable book. Most in attendance expressed how much they enjoyed this unusual and special kind of invitation.