Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company GRABARZ & PARTNER Hamburg, GERMANY
Advertising Agency GRABARZ & PARTNER Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Ralf Heuel Grabarz/Partner Chief Creative Officer
Timm Weber Grabarz/Partner Group Head Creation
Andreas Brunsch Grabarz/Partner Creative Director
Thomas Dempewolf Grabarz/Partner Creative Director
Ciro Andreas Buono Grabarz/Partner Art Director
Julijus Rebic Grabarz/Partner Art Director
Barbara Dirscherl Grabarz/Partner Art Director
Thomas Dempewolf Grabarz/Partner Copywriter
Jacob Sauerwald Grabarz/Partner Copywriter
Mareike Woischke/Astarte Julia Toomeh/Thomas Dempewolf/Andreas Brunsch Grabarz/Partner Skript
Florian Radke PETA Deutschland E.v. Advertiser Supervisor
Jobst Eggert/Hendrik Thiele/Christian Coslar/Silke Berenthal/Peter Hoeffken PETA Deutschland E.v. Advertiser Supervisor
Anke Wiesenthal Editor
Niklas Rieger Grabarz/Partner Digital Concept
Marcus Langer C/O Jutta Fricke Illustrators Ilustrator
Christian Ernle/Daniel Ernle/Radollav Radik Dec 3 Cgi/Coding
Philipp Breidhardt/Henning Martens/Samuel Muff Slaughterhouse Grading/Rendering
Thomas Brettschneider/Moritz Grenzbach/Nina Kuder/Stefan Hafen/Max Hoever/Floria Greenskyfilms Gmbh Production
Henning Sommer/Felix Mueller Supreme Music Sound Design
Torsten Hennings/Dimitrios Posukidis/Jochen Koempe/Uta Wittchen Studio Funk/Hamburg Sound Studio

The Brief

The circus. At first glance: innocent family fun. At second glance: pure torture and torment for the animals. PETA Germany asked us: Move people to put pressure on the german government to finally ban wild animals out of circusses.

Creative Execution

Our integrated campaign was centred around the online documentary 'Tyke. The final show', about a circus elephant's rampage in 1994. In it, we provided a voice to three yet silent witnesses to the incident: a monkey, a zebra and a tiger. Yet that was just the beginning: Without a budget t speak of but a lot of initia-tives, enabled through our supporters all over the web, we were able to reach out to the public in a variety of ways, bringing Tyke to computer screens, walls, ?people's hearts and minds. And raising awareness of what really happens in cir-cuses.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

A voice for circus animals. To raise awareness for our issue, we gave a voice to those who were previously unheard: the circus animals themselves. A monkey, a tiger and a zebra.


Always keeping in mind, that PETA needs every cent of their money to help animals, we ran the whole campaign without a budget to speak. Thanks to all our supporters, including all the celebreties that helped us, all the budget, used in this campaign - e.g. for creation, digital/classica media and production. With a diverse range of digital initiatives, we reached over 20 million people. In only 6 months more than 550 000 of them signed our petition, helping us reach our ultimate goal: put pressure to the German Budestag to finally ban wild animals in circuses.