Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company ACHTUNG! Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Advertising Agency ACHTUNG! Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Production Company RANDOM STUDIO Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Name Company Position
Mervyn Ten Dam ACHTUNG! Creative Director
Niklas Kristensen ACHTUNG! Concept
Jasper Janssen ACHTUNG! Concept
Thuy Tran ACHTUNG! Designer
Marten Beerda ACHTUNG! Designer
Daniel Sytsma ACHTUNG! Art Director
Lisette Morssink ACHTUNG! Producer
Mathieu Garnier ACHTUNG! Concept
Big Orange Big Orange Sound Design
Woodwork Woodwork Animation
Random Studio Random Studio Technical Development
Joost Korngold Renascent 3d

The Brief

In 2014, Porsche introduced the brand new Macan. Porsche wanted to build-up a quality database of potential buyers for the upcoming model. We learned that the Porsche brand image is so strong, that previous new models had been pre-ordered on large scale (Panamera > 40% pre-orders). We wanted to use this aspirational strength of the brand to challenge high value customers. Because finding people who are interested in a new Porsche is easy. But interesting those who can actually afford one is a lot harder.

Creative Execution

The campaign was supported by a highly targeted online campaign in social media, e-DM and re-targeted banners. By slowly revealing the features of the new model, we allowed the excitement to build up and create a sense of urgency to participate. The brand strength and insight of blind trust in Porsche were used to seduce prospective drivers. Those who accepted the challenge to blindly trade their precious vehicle had a real shot at the new model. This way we managed to collect a rich and detailed database of prospective Porsche drivers.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

We selected 10 features of the new Porsche model and built an interactive trading platform – available on desktop, tablet and mobile - around those features. Every two days a new feature of the model was revealed. The sooner you traded, and the more valuable your car, the greater your chances were of winning. This is a classic gaming strategy, which not only created a sense of urgency, it also rewarded high risk taking behavior and nudged Porsche’s target audience towards participation.


● One hour after the launch of the platform, 800 high-end cars were traded. ● Over 50 blogs and magazines (net media value €125.000) picked up the initiative. ● After 3 weeks a total of 15.000 cars, worth over €90.000.000 were traded. ● From our core target audience, we received more than 3.500 entries of cars, including luxury brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, BMW, Audi and Rolls Royce. ● After announcing the model, the campaign generated 7.500 requests for further information. ● The generated media value and the leads alone, exceeded three times the investment of €100.000 for building the platform and advertising generated.